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How to Expose Trump’s Dastardly Bait-and-Switch


How to Expose Trump’s Dastardly Bait-and-Switch

Robert Borosage

Donald Trump is a masterful con man, and his presidency will be a bait-and-switch of epic proportions. He will, on one hand, appeal to the populist temper of the time—as he did this week with his “thank you tour”—and with stunts, as he did with the Carrier deal or his series of tweets purporting to hold Boeing to account for overcharging the Air Force.


Yes, yes, bait and switch for sure. Con man extraordinaire. The master baiter.


Good one. Call congress, and even your govenor and say that you will not put up with this.


You’re right there, and then they’ll just talk about abortion and their bahbles.


Scott Walker is my Governor. We’re in for bumpy, painful time ahead! To conservative’s, who never miss a chance to push hard, this is their time. Everything will be done to enrich the already rich at the expense of us.

Nothing will be done without influence bought and anything they don’t like will, at best, be starved of it’s funding. What do they have to lose? They’ll make a huge disaster of things, clean out cupboards as they leave and come back after the mess they created is cleaned up, blaming that administration for raising taxes…


So far I haven’t seen any bait and switch on the racist stuff. Even on the economic stuff there was no bait and switch. He promised to lower taxes on corporations and get rid of regulations.Experts said his tax plan would cost several million jobs and raise the debt by triliions. I don’t remember him saying he supported Dodd-Frank. It was George W. Bush who pulled a bait and switch. He ran as a moderate and then went right wing as soon as he got in office.


You have a point. Trump also said he’s for free trade.


Free trade is one thing that was populist and he hasn’t reversed himself on that. Of course, he neglected to say that most of the jobs were lost because of automation rather than outsourcing which he probably didn’t know given his pathetic level of knowledge on almost all issues.


We can have demonstrations and sit-ins to protest Trump policies. But one good way for the people to overcome is through voter initiatives and referendums, proven to produce good government. The ruling crass is blocking these, fearing the loss of their dictatorship. Instead they will let us vote on a couple of garbled propositions every four years, to have us think we make decisions.

People say we need to change the system, but we continue to work with it, as the oligarchy’s hirelings have planned.

Removing all obstacles to voter initiatives and referendums would be give us rapid system change. In Direct Democracies the people make the laws in their favor. In Representative Government the Ruling Class makes the laws in theirs.


When one crosses the Lansing, IA bridge into Wisconsin, for some time now there has been a small sign saying, “Scott Walker is a weasel.” It gives me a sense of hopefulness that someone truly has some insight.


I often wonder how and why Republicans act the way they do. Do they all care nothing about the welfare of our country and the American people? Is it just a simple quid pro quo, with the rich providing the quid in the form of campaign contributions and other forms of legalized bribery? Can the Republicans not see that their policies are impoverishing millions, while income and wealth inequality continues to grow? I could go on and on about this, but perhaps Pope Francis said it best when he questioned how it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses 2 points.


If good people don’t stand up to this evil, we deserve what we get. Don’t expect supporters of Trump to realize that they have been conned, after all, some very well educated people didn’t see through Bernie Madoff and he was able to carry on his con for decades. Trump is good at one thing, conning people and distracting them from what he is really doing with this outrageous tweets. Progressives must organize and work as through all of our lives depended on it, because they do.


Hitler was grand master of the bait-and-switch.

He too, was Time’s man-of-the-year.


I think this is a self-selection phenomenon. The core Republican “value” system is one of self-interest and greed, so those among us who are more interested in their own personal gain are more likely to be Republicans. If you look carefully at their policies, you’ll see that they do not frame issues in terms of the public interest. Instead, it’s a “what’s in it for me” world view.

Progressives, on the other hand, have a significantly different world view, “What is the best way to maximize the benefit to all of us.” Thus,for example, the question of whether to have government perform a specific function is a question of whether this is the most effective way to accomplish the policy objective. A good example is health care, where Republicans focus (illogically) on profits as a motivator, while Progressives recognize that the most effective means to provide healthcare to society as a whole is to have a single-payer system that eliminates an entire portion of the system, the insurance companies, because they do nothing to add value the end result.

As a result, Republicans focus on ill-formed ideas like reduction of taxes, without regard to whether those taxes can achieve the same end more effectively, because they see the world in terms of their own self-interest. The major cognitive dissonance associated with the Republican world view is that they don’t belong in the public sector at all, because they are anathema to the public good and our collective well-being.

Psychologically, one wonders whether the typical Republican has some sort of empathy deficit disorder – they simply don’t “see” or have any relationship to the conditions faced by their fellow citizens, except for those who are “like” them.


Please list President Barack OhBummer’s bait-and-switch platform & policy failures from 2009/01/09 to 2017/01/20 ( go ahead and be a short term visionary ) and run it along Trumpster & Gangs’, please. The whole of the last 36 years could be summarized as being bait-and-switch electionering. Followed by seesaw Uniparty economic platitudes and the 99s getting " slow-walked " to the curb, then kicked off. From Ronnie Raygun to " The Don " du Trumpster, it’s been one great bamboozle and one great hoodwinker, after another. Trump is just the turd-infused snowball that finally met America’s downhill natural trajectory. Trump is a hustler and should be shown the cellar door, not the doors to the Oval Office. But, hey, he shouldn’t be feeling like The Long Ranger, here. He’s got a lot of Bad Company to make him feel right at home.


The only Trumpism I agree with is keeping Guantanamo open…to house Trump, his four POTUS predecessors and a big chunk of the US Congress after they are brought to justice.


Yes, Republicans are largely the party of the get-rich-quick-screw-everyone-else crowd.


What bait and switch? Did anyone here ever visit his web site?? Did anyone read the Republican convention platform??? It was perfectly clear. What specific measures (as opposed to the specific jobs and environmental programs of the other opponent) did Trump EVER propose over the last year? We have known exactly the sort of people would be in Trumps White House since July.

Why are so many poeple making Trump into someone he never claimed he was? From his speeches to oil/gas industry groups in North Dakota and in Pittsburgh, Trump was perfectly clear. When speaking to "defense’ industry groups, Trump was perfectly clear.


Though I get the gist I’d add some grist… keeping Guantanamo open would be a continuation of centuries old curse - not something the Cuban people should be subjected to anymore. I say take one of the ‘see through’ buildings on Wall Street and actually make a reinforced glass transparent prison and sell viewing tickets, reserving a wall with ventilation intake for the throwing of rotten eggs. Bring the message full circle.


I would submit that it is much worse than you frame it. I keep coming back to the entire premise of ‘externalized costs’ and tend to think that this is the true elephant in the rum. The entire system is premised and drunk on the fractionalization and application of the projective possibilities of the exponential function of what is in essence a voiding of reality by endless cycles of thousands of cuts.
Whats worse, we now have approximately four generations of marketing premised not only on this but linguistic and symbolic distortions serving the ‘begettings’ of an auto-erotic ‘genesis’ yammering away in mimicry of religion to make those distortions integral but false symbols for the life cycle. As far as I’m concerned, if ever there was a demonic mix dissolving coherence at both the private and public societal level, these would be major components.