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How to Fully Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions – Medicare for All

How to Fully Protect People with Pre-Existing Conditions – Medicare for All

Chuck Idelson

Republicans will totally protect people with Pre-Existing Conditions, Democrats will not! Vote Republican – Donald Trump

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the top dog, or pig in this case, Napoleon can’t get the land to produce food, so he makes it up. For example Napoleon orders nearly barren storage bins be loaded up almost to the brim with sand, deceiving a human onlooker to report there was no food shortage on the farm. After he finally leaves the White House, Trump could play Napoleon in a remake of Animal Farm.

If the Democrats were serious about getting votes, they’d replace Pelosi and put Alexandria Ocasio Cortez out front as a spokeswoman.

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The eyes have it.

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An attractive package sells. That is just a fact.

We know how bad Nancy is. Nancy doesn’t even support Medicare for All—the litmus test for millions of voters.

Nancy Pelosi’s Net worth is well north of 100 million dollars. Donald trump is in the Billions. It always mystified me as to how the working folk EVER believe that Multi Millionaires and Billionaires would have thier best interests at heart.

The reason these people so rich is because they have screwed people over and only care about MONEY. if you do not have it they do not care.

You really to think things through before you post something like this.

Do you realize that many people lose their insurance for a variety of reasons (like losing their jobs or because of poverty) and once you’re uninsured, if you don’t have pre-existing condition protection, you’re screwed for the rest of your life?

Do you realize that, as pointed out in the article, over 100 million people in the US have pre-existing conditions?

Do you realize that when people go uninsured that you end up paying for their healthcare?

Do you realize that being uninsured is the leading cause of individual bankruptcies?

Do you realize that a single payer, universal healthcare system would save billions of dollars for all of us, instead of paying the exorbitant management and bureaucratic overhead of insurance companies?

Do you realize that the insurance business model is built around the notion of not providing healthcare – when they don’t pay claims they make more money?

Do you realize we have the most expensive healthcare system in the world because we don’t cover everyone and because we allow the “market system,” rather than a health services system, to control our healthcare?

Do you realize that we have far inferior healthcare results, notwithstanding the high costs of our system?

By the way, 100 million with pre-existing conditions, is not a red herring.

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Moderate women are the largest voting block in the USA. Moderate Women could own congress and state level governments if they would vote. Women’s Rights and Right To Choose need women at the forefront.

On the other hand conservative GOP women vote against women.

Bill Moyers on the Secretive Corporate-Legislative Body Writing Our Laws http://www.democracynow.org/2012/9/27/the_united_states_of_alec_bill

Republican voters need to focus on this war like activity being shoved down the throat of America by a very right wing GOP that in fact will be throwing tons of republicans under the bus …

— War On Good Wages aka Right To Work Legislation
— War against AFFORDABLE Medical Insurance and Single Payer
— War On Medicare
— War On Medicaid

House GOP plan would cut Medicare and Medicaid to balance budget ( this is BS. This is a tool to privatize thus the GOP are lying once again)

— War on public education and Higher Education
— War On Social Security Insurance
— War on the economy through Supply Side Wreckanomics
— War against women
— War on the VA and Veterans Benefits
— War on Voters Rights = VOTER SUPPRESSION
— War on strict gun regulations
— War On National Monuments/Parks
— War on the press
— War on the USA Postal Service
— War On Environmental Cleanliness
— War On USA Jobs through Free Trade Agreements and Leveraged Buyout Scams
— War for Oil Control Worldwide
— War on truth about global warming/climate change

It’s true that we can spread risk by sharing it. But frankly, the insurance company model is anathema to achieving the optimum level of risk sharing. To the contrary, the insurance company model is premised on avoiding risk, not sharing it.

You do realize that when costs don’t get recovered because someone with a pre-existing condition couldn’t get coverage or someone who is uninsured needs and gets care, they don’t go away (and when those who need care and don’t get it, the costs are even higher). Those costs still exist and get picked up by you. You do understand that, right?

You do realize that the 10% paid in admin costs (that you cite – in fact, it’s closer to 31%) are wasted resources that aren’t delivering healthcare, but instead funding insurance bureaucracies, executive management salaries, insurance company profits and healthcare provider overhead.

You realize the total cost of healthcare would come down dramatically (to the tune of $2 trillion over ten years), if we had universal Medicare for All, Single Payer healthcare and we would have better health outcomes.

It’s beyond any rational thinking to support our current wasteful system, especially in light of the human suffering it tolerates, nay, causes. Where is your humanity, not to mention your economic rationality? You put the lie to the “rational consumer” that underlies the premise of so-called competitive markets.