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How to Fund the Government Without Paying for Trump's Border Wall


How to Fund the Government Without Paying for Trump's Border Wall

Madhuri Grewal, Chris Rickerd

President Trump has followed through on his threat to shut down the government in order to feed his border wall obsession. In fact, he’s gone further, stating that he’ll loot his cabinet departments, including the military, if necessary.


Billions will certainly be spent on a border wall, allocated either through direct appropriations agreed to by feckless Democrats or from slush funds. Why not make the best of the situation? Construct the wall in detachable sections that can be transported to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts by truck or rail. My idea is that the wall sections could be loaded onto ships and submerged in carefully selected “ocean desert” sites. The sea floor of ocean deserts is generally flat and sandy, so few marine creatures live there. But submerged border wall sections would provide anchor sites and protection, acting as artificial reefs where marine life can flourish. The project would financially benefit coastal communities through increased fishing and eco-tourism. Relocation of the wall sections could begin as soon as Trump is out of office.


Smashingly good idea. That’s thinking outside the box!!! Perhaps we can cal” it the Trump Marine Ecopark. That would frost his tiny nuts.


The Russians built a border wall between Crimea and Ukraine that is unclimbable and has motion sensors for $3 million. Built to US-Mexico scale that would be $140 million. And they did it in one year. What are we hyperventilating about. And why is our estimate over $5 billion and climbing.


Unfortunately, every single company involved in the creation and maintenance of the wall is almost guaranteed to belong to one of the Trump and co crime families in some fashion or other, and he will therefore retain control long after leaving office.
Love the idea tho.


Let him pout and make a mess. Let him raid the military particularly–were that really what were to happen.

There’s not that much that the Federal government does that does not have to be redone and remade anyway.


They also built that bridge from the Kerch Peninsula to the Crimea in less then 2 years and under budget. The western press was claiming it could not be done. Out of that 5 billion for the border wall I am sure 4 billion of it is graft going into the pockets of some small few even as the media rails about how “the Putin Regime corrupt”.

Now I do not recall the exact numbers but I recall reading a report where it found that the Members of the Senate and Congress had stock portfolios that on average outperformed the market by 6 to 8 percent. This is not an insignificant amount but the issue rarely raised. No Government committees will be struck to find out why.


Trump’s border wall project cost estimates align perfectly with the $2,000 that US taxpayers routinely pay military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) operatives for a toilet seat or hammer.

The wall is 100% taxpayer funded corporate welfare for MIMIC and 0% security.


Total cost for the Trump Wall is unknowable, but estimates range from $15 billion (Chump’s own figure; therefore, a joke) to $70 billion. The $5 billion figure is just a single year’s allocation for a portion of same.



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They have officially granted themselves “legal” insider trading rights, so a committee would not uncover anything that could be acted upon in any case.


Oh we are doing just fine with our piles of garbage and piles of used tires. Good reef material. Not.


This man is sick. He is so out of touch with reality I am surprised he hasn’t just burst into flame. What he is doing is cruel, simply cruel. In fact, I think cruelty is his one defining factor; well we could add stupid, bombastic, pathological liar, sociopath and a host of other maladies.

I’m starting to think we should bring back electro-shock therapy, apparently the lobotomy didn’t work.


You can bet that, if Obama had wanted money for Medicare4All, the GOP would have
found some way around it –