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How to Fund the Salvation of Humanity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/17/how-fund-salvation-humanity


What an arcane concept.

What is missing is planetary regulation of companies with planetary reach.
Our monetary system and the metrics of checks and balances are from the 19th century for technology that is increasingly capable of obfuscation.

Geographic location of these companies is only partially important, insofar that western governments don’t put draconian restrictions on the platforms like the Chinese do.

Change the system of money and the tools of governing to reflect the technology.
Make money accountable (and yes that is a word that has immense significance in the times of people like James Inhoffe and Joe Biden).

You call the article Salvation of Humanity but you want to nationalize.
I think you may have a vested interest.

And for those who are still thinking in terms of incremental change, go ahead. But then don’t claim responsibility in front of your progeny.

What good would nationalizing information do if the ones in charge classify it for “National security” purposes and won’t let us see it?

That’s putting the horse before the cart unless the public decides these things by popular referendums.


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It is disappointing that the author really isn’t exercising his imagination as much as necessary. He returns to the tried and failed solutions of the past such as nationalization which never delivered permanent solutions. In fact, his answer is very similar to Otto von Bismarck and this is what Engels said

" … of late, since Bismarck went in for state-ownership of industrial establishments, a kind of spurious socialism has arisen, degenerating, now and again, into something of flunkeyism, that without more ado declares all state ownership, even of the Bismarckian sort, to be socialistic. Certainly, if the taking over by the state of the tobacco industry is socialistic, then Napoleon and Metternich must be numbered among the founders of socialism. If the Belgian state, for quite ordinary political and financial reasons, itself constructed its chief railway lines; if Bismarck, not under any economic compulsion, took over for the state the chief Prussian lines, simply to be the better able to have them in hand in case of war, to bring up the railway employees as voting cattle for the government, and especially to create for himself a new source of income independent of parliamentary votes — this was, in no sense, a socialistic measure, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously. Otherwise, the Royal Maritime Company, the Royal porcelain manufacture, and even the regimental tailor of the army would also be socialistic institutions."

The idea of John Lennon’s Imagine is forgotten by the author.

One organisation - the World Socialist Party of the United States still advocates what Eugene Debs stood for, the abolition of waged labour.