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How to Get Rich From Public Schools (Without Actually Educating)



Great satire (and information), Mr. Singer.

I knew that foundations like those of Gates were interested in profiting from Charter Schools while Libertarians have a wet dream of eliminating public schools, altogether. But I didn't know how lavish the tax credits/benefits were, nor that foreign consortiums like that Turkish outfit could also cash in.

Unbelievable... what the deregulatory era has done in the way of Rape to the Commons. And it's still gorging itself on what belongs to The People like a vulture that no congressional bullet will stop.


There is money to be made off the parents of school-age children who are not seen as human beings but as sources of potential profits, which is the push behind the privatization of public schools. Jackals all including the compliant media trumpeting the "poor" educational achievements nationwide while playing into the grasping hands of the hedge fund folks looking to make fortunes (using public funds, no less). What a deal.


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