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How to Hide a Fortune During a Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/19/how-hide-fortune-during-pandemic


Wished you would of stated the amount at this point in time is exempt frrom Estate Tax. Is it the 3 million or 5 million or 10 million? It is hard to keep up with all the chaos/corruption/money grabbing going on in DC.


The only reason that they are doing this; is because Trump may lose the White House, and they are in panic mode. Jmo.


Per individual.
Yes double for couple.


They have been doing it for years. Has nothing to do with Trump. Both of these vehicles have been used for at least a decade if not several.

People have been avoiding estate and inheritance taxes since they were created.

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The IRS doesn’t try very hard to audit, collect or enforce the tax returns of any but the little people.

Chuck Collins writes a cracklin’ lede, almost a lost art in journalism. Wish he’d gone a step further into advocacy journalism and skewered the Tax Evasion Industry and Loophole Legislators that made corporate off-shoring like Apple’s use of their Ireland banking deposits to juke their Euro Taxes all perfectly legal.

Texans love the phrase THE NANNY STATE to club U.S. into voting against our own childrens’ social safety nets and compete globally with a non-competitive disadvantage against all our international competitors and global trade rivals that do provide social safety nets, subsidized quality higher education and national healthcare along with public housing (that hasn’t driven down market value financialization of housing as Columbia U. scholar Saskia Sassen has found in her work that is rarely sourced by U.S. business media).

We don’t actually have a Wage Slave media or Clock Puncher media here in the Land of Free Expression, now do we? Not since Ross Perot have any Texan oligarchs proudly admitted to amassing their fortunes on government contracts.

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Yep. That’s how it’s done, though in an ever shifting legislative landscape, owning politicians has become too expensive, and you don’t always need the votes of the ones you do own. On the whole, it’s cheaper and more efficient to lease your politicians to secure the votes on any particular issue, then lease the next batch to secure the crucial votes when another issue comes to the fore. That’s how the 1% became the lessor of two evils: the Democratic and Republican parties, neither of which represents the interests of the electorate.


eleven million. yeah what are we talking about huh… who.

If you play monopoly eventually one person remains.
If the next time you play you start from the same spot hmm
That is why there are estate taxes. Yes you can keep the money. But you have to take it with you.

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