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How to Move Toward Impeachment, Now


How to Move Toward Impeachment, Now

Jeffrey C. Isaac

The Trump administration continues to defy Congress and to demonstrate its contempt for constitutional democracy, refusing to share an unredacted copy of the Mueller Report with House committees, citing “executive privilege,” and refusing to comply with a number of lawful subpoenas for information, about counterintelligence, obstruction of justice, and tax returns.

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The only thing Pelosi is “carefully orchestrating” is stalling and running out the clock in the hope the few Ds clamoring for impeachment will give up when it gets too close to the election. Meanwhile, over in the Senate, Schumer, the wimp, is backing up Trump and urging Trump to stay the course in his trade war with China. The missing ingredient in all this is an actual resistance party. Wishful thinking to keep dreaming we do.


You make some good points, but do you really want Pence as president? And give him a leg up for reelection? The problem is the Democrats are beholden to the same masters the republicans are and until there is a true opposition party, you can look forward to more of the same. No matter who wins.


"Carefully?" Orchestrated? "Process?"

Does this sound like the Democrats to you?


Trump may well have committed impeachable offenses (I have my own list), but Isaacs wants us to use the impeachment process for blatantly partisan electioneering purposes. That ain’t constitutionally “wholesome”, and on top of that, he wants the Democrats to pretend that they are the party of “legality, transparency, political fairness, and democracy”. Given what the DP did to Ralph Nader in 2004 and what they did to Bernie in 2016 and given what they’re doing now to Bernie, any claim of being pro-democratic is intentionally deceptive. On top of that, he thinks that a 30 minute network news broadcast can contain 30 minutes of impeachment hearings (Zzzzz…) and 30 minutes of Bernie vs Tulsi. On top of that, he also seems to think that Trump can be impeached for voter suppression that is done by the state governments. On top of that, my acrophobia is acting up.


Ignore subpoenas and be found in contempt. Since there are so many, the fist few should be jailed until they comply.
Impeachment is in order, so just do it.


It seems that there are dozens of people who are on the docket for giving testimony to one committee or another. That would tempt one to believe these investigations will roll up election day, right on through, and a year or more beyond.
Trump will be hiding in a Russian bunker by then.