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How to Pay for It All: An Option the Candidates Missed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/11/how-pay-it-all-option-candidates-missed

The greed of the Oligarchs will prevent this.


" Well, your mouthpieces squawk while you spread your lies, but you can’t pull strings if your hands are tied. " Steel and Glass. John Lennon
I haven’t had an allowance since I was a youngster. The Oligarchs need to be put on one, though.


A "Guaranteed Basic Allowance."

What a concept. Well, like I’ve been saying for some time, “Why does the top 1% deserve any larger piece of the pie than 1% of it?”


I think Ellen Brown is right, but the first sentence of the article is just too absurd to let slide, “The Democratic Party has clearly swung to the progressive left”. It has clearly done no such thing. As with all corporate politicians, Democrat rhetoric swings toward populism when they are campaigning. The party is fully committed to crushing all progressive proposals. The party is the enemy of progressives. It’s possible some Democrat candidates haven’t figured that out yet. Clearly most people who vote for Democrats haven’t figured that out yet.


If you use the term " Democrat " or " Democrat Party " to describe the DNC or a 3rd Way Aligned Org. you’re probably correct that the mission of these groups is to thwart progressives. Unfortunately for their funders and bundlers they can’t deliver the votes from the rank-and-file they need to win campaigns and regain a powerful political base. Enough power to actually get the necessary things done to satisfy that voting base.
Something is got to give, as they say. And, we’ll see what that something is in less than a year. 40%+ of Democratic voters don’t want a Biden/Pelosi/Schumer " restoration " political party platform. This number doesn’t even address the NA ( Non-Affiliated ) or Independents. Who may be more progressive than assumed. We shall see, sooner rather than later, fairly quickly where 35-40 million voters, non-Trumpers, end up.

Here are a bunch of videos with transcript on this subject. Presenters include Stephanie Kelton and Richard Wolff. Kinda dry but enlightening stuff if you can stay with it

This was how Green Party Nominee Jill Stein proposed to pay off and thus cancel all student debt I’m 2016

Mainstream media called her a nut. John Oliver did a segment trying to make her look like a kook who thought she could do magic. That was one of the last straws for me with him.


Aside from the first line mentioned by other commenters (…“progressive to the left”…para) I do wish we could stop with describing proposed education costs as “free”. Nothing is free. It’s all about how we allocate our tax monies and in my opinion for decades those monies have not been allocated for a progressive society. Using the word, “free” allows the opponents more leverage to denigrate the proposals.


Very good point.

Andy Jackson caused an economic disaster when he had each state mint money. I cannot imagine permitting Trump or congress the power to print dollars willy nilly. the federal reserve is not perfect. they tell us they are watching employment - but, more importantly, they are watching banks. the previous head wanted to take control of the large insurance firms. I do not know if she was successful.
Japan has USA car sales as its income.
Korea has USA TV’s, clothing washers and dryers, KIA’s.
China has way too much of what USA is purchasing.

it is good that Chinese peoples are gaining. but business folks who have been there advise me that factory working conditions are slavery.