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How To Prevent Future Trumps


How To Prevent Future Trumps

Robert Reich

Why did so many working class voters choose a selfish, thin-skinned, petulant, lying, narcissistic, boastful, megalomaniac for president?

It’s important to know, because we need to stop more Trumps in the future.

The answer lies in the interplay between deep-seated racism and stagnant and declining wages. Both must be addressed.


Great Imagery on the opening pictorial Robert?

It’s hard to argue with any of it.


Because Hillary Clinton was his main opposition.


Robert I used to like you, but this never ending barrage of stupid and childish articles is wearing me a bit thin. You write as if to a child. You grandly point out the most obvious of truths as if you are blessed with some great insight. You solutions are unrealistic and ineffectual. I can count real progressive journalists on the finger of one hand…and you are not one of them. You have become a total bore.


“To prevent future LAWMAKERS like him” (Trump) ???

Trump has always been and continues to be a LAW BREAKER, not a lawmaker.


This would have been more effective if it had been written two rears ago. After several quarters of sustained growth and increasing employment, there is finally upward pressure on wages. In other words, because of President Trump’s policies unemployment is heading down and wages are heading up.


Trump’s ‘polices’ of creating “upward pressure on wages” doesn’t reach the level of tossing a couple of life preservers in the general direction of the Titanic. You seem to be a bit mixed up. The lies come before an election. You see, lying about what Trump is doing for the population while he is in fact crapping on that population is not going to be overlooked by that population. Get it?


“…we have to get big money out of politics”.
Why? Because it’s used in ever more expensive elections to promote given candidates? Because elected officials must uphold their end of the quid pro quo or else have that election money used against them? Because it pays for the lobbying of those elected officials? That those elected officials will be amply rewarded after leaving office?

Notice that the ‘money’ in never directed to the public. No one is jamming a wad of thousand dollar bills into your pockets. The election money is assumed to work because it’s also assumed that the public knows only what election ads and promos present. That’s it. That the public is uninformed and uninvolved. They’re certainly not encouraged to be involved. But people have been in the past and the movements throughout the country show a fierce growing public involvement. Real democracy. As it damn well should be. That candidates who support the public’s welfare and the common good don’t need the f****ng bribe money from the wealthy sources. The ones who are paying for the death of our species. The biggest drawback to 3rd parties is the winner take all elective practice. Just having instant runoff elections would make for a totally different universe. Term limits for legislative offices. A needed laxative for the body politic. Coalitions of political parties for common purposes. Greens, Socialists, Dems, whomever. After all, the strongest thing this country has going for it are women and people of color. Coalitions bring the collective interests and forces needed. Fix the US of A and the world has a chance. Are you listening, Robert Reich?


How to prevent future Trumps - Don’t vote a fraud like Obama in office gain.


Then why do you avoid doing that? Because you’re a party apparatchik whose primary motive is to promote the Democratic Party and not your pose as your primary motive being the working class concerns you present here?

Here’s the issue. It’s because the party selected the horrid Hillary Clinton, the shill of Wall Street, the darling of Neo-Cons, a Goldwater Girl, and a racist. It’s because the party is subservient still and has been for twentyfive years to the Clinton Crime Family with the one of them that has enough charisma to win an election no longer eligible.

Reich if you really believed this you would have come out forcefully, vehemently, loudly, and consistently from the very beginning of the “Ready For Hillary” pre-campaign garbage saying the last thing the Democrats should do is nominate Hillary Clinton.

Instead you were very careful to not alienate the Queen of Chaos and yet spout enough of this phony rhetoric in order to convince some progressive Democrats to think you were someone to listen to so you could sheep dog them to vote for Hlllary.

I fully expect you to do the same thing in 2020. This is just more sheep dogging prep on your part.

Say things that appeal to progressives but be sure and not alienate Hillary and her Clintonista crowd by actually naming any of them as the problem.


This would have been more effective if it had been written three years ago and included clear, loud, strong naming of Hillary Clinton as a terrible choice.

-there, fixed it for you! :wink:


GI don’t understand why so many people here are against Reich. He backed Bernie during primary and Hillary during general (but I never heard him berate third party voters). So he was the same as Sanders himself on that regard.

He was a moderating influence on Bill Clinton when in the cabinet and when that didn’t work he left.

And in this short piece he did outline solutions in paragraphs 13-16 (starting with “A few Democrats are …”).

Everyone gets to have their own threshold and for me the Clintons, Wasserrman-Schultz and a lot of other despicable Democrats are below and Sanders, Reich, Khanna, Ocasio-Cortez, Gabbard, Lee and many others are above. If we are going to move forward I think these thresholds need to actually encompass a bunch of good people.

Do I wish he spoke against Clinton - sure. But as much as I can’t stand her I’m loathe to tar everyone who took Bernie’s position of supporting her in the general (again as long as this was done without insulting people who were unwilling to vote for her).


For all your clever theorising, perhaps the issue was merely that the Democrat’s decision to pick the self-aggrandising, disconnected and entitled Hillary Clinton as thier candidate proved so toxic to a chunk of middle America that they decided to vote for anyone but her.

And whilst I am no Republican the prospect of this dreadful, tainted woman with her funny glaring eyes and utterly forced grins would have put me right off as well


There’s always been something phony about him to me. From the beginning of the 2016 race he refused to endorse Bernie, wanting his cake and to eat it too. He decision to finally endorse him only hours before Super Tuesday spoke to me to what I’d already decided about him, he spouted a lot of progressive talk but it really was in order to sheep dog us later.

He also has an arrogance to him in his lecturing manner. While he’s repeating analysis of other greater minds he acts like it is all his insight. He never gives credit to real leftists he’s parroting.

When he endorsed Bernie it sounded like an endorsement of Clinton too.

Anyone who really believes the kinds of things he says but refuses to actually call out Clinton is not someone I trust. That goes for Bernie too.

I’d have much more respect for Bernie if he’d have been out spoken about how horrid Clinton was and not campaigned for her. He didn’t have to run as an Independent, but he could have just gone away after the Convention. Instead he folded and got on board traveling the country for her and then got enfolded into the leadership.

I said from the start that Bernie was a sheep dog. I proved right.

If we want change we really need to speak for change. Not cover our asses by being nice and chummy with the ones who created the problem.

Oh, and he was for all those bogus unfair trade deals before he switched his tune to win us over. Now that Trump is actually enacting some protection of USA industry, Reich has joined the chorus of “TRUMP! TRADE WAR! OH MY GOD!” So, see? He never was for returning to the American System to protect USA industry and jobs here.

He’s an opportunist, that is all.


Thanks for the well thought out reply. Iowa was on Feb 1 and Reich endorsed on Feb 26 shortly before Super Tuesday on March 1 as you said (though not hours before). I agree this is annoying. If one is going to endorse anybody and I would think when you pick politics as a career you know if you are going to endorse or not, then you do so before the first primary or caucus - at least a week before.

I have to review what he’s said on trade deals - I agree that a change in view without explanation would not be very respectable.

I actually don’t like his style either, but I hadn’t considered the attribution problem before. I still don’t think I’m going to throw him under the threshold but he’s dropped a few pegs.


Not sure what you’re talking about. The most recent jobs report again indicated strong growth. The problem we’ve got is the historically high non-participation rate. By the end of the Obama Presidency, the US had nearly 96 million citizens of working age that had given up even looking for jobs. According to the May and Hune numbers, those folks are getting back in the game. Enough of them have returned to the workforce that it edged the unemployment rate back up a bit, despite the higher than expected hiring rate. The sooner we work our way through the surplus, the sooner wages will really take off. Wages are already starting to move for higher skilled and higher demand jobs.

You’re just going to have to cheer up! Happy days are here again!


You and I can agree on a couple of things. Hillary was a horrible choice as a candidate. I’ve seen tubes of toothpaste with more personality, and was up to her eyeballs in various scandals and corruption. And Robert Reich is a Clinton lapdog. Like the faithful puppy he is, he waited until it was too late to do any good (after the DNC rigged the primary) and gave a lukewarm and really non-committed endorsement of Bernie.


Well, actually it was hours before. Somewhere about 96 or so hours. (winking)


No, Robert, I’ll tell you how to prevent future Trumps

  1. Stop nominating Clintons.

  2. Stop giving a big middle finger to the White Working Class. Trump turned up so they turned out after Hillary couldn’t be bothered to meet with them.

  3. Stop telling women who support progressive candidates that there’s a special place in Hell for them or accuse them of only supporting that candidate to get laid.

  4. Try your damnedest to keep your promises. Like him or hate him, Trump has done more in the past year to try and keep his promises unlike his predecessor who couldn’t find his comfy walking shoes in 8 years.

5.Don’t put your thumb on the scale during the nomination process. Eliminate Superdelegates or make it to where they can’t disclose their choice until the convention.

  1. Nancy Pelosi needs to go. She’s a huge lightning rod as well as a shameless corporate Dem and it’s long past time for the party to allow fresh voices into the leadership.


The Repuglicans basic model society has everyone who can be, employed as an independent contractor. In their kleptopia, corporations pay NO taxes, making them as competetive as they can be. And privately contracted Citizen workers pay all the taxes, and everybody pays the same dollar amount.
They want and expect full protections for their overseas investments, roads to be maintained to each and every hone, including the Condo in Miami, their bungalow in the Hamptons, and their townhouse out in Santa Barbara. Oh and fire and police protections for their businesses

But unbelievably as it sounds, they think it should only cost them the exact same dollar amount, and not one dollar more, than the homeless/jobless person, who gets no public services. That is, except police harassment, or a short stay in the ER if they get pneumonia from their depraved circumstances. And those folks with literally nothing to lose should be made to pay up their fair shares too dammit! “Damned freeloaders!” This is what they truly believe!

How do we prevent future Trumps? Robert, who helped us get where we are now, during his stint with the Clintons, has some good ideas. However, they most certainly do not align with the Repuglican dystopia! Thus it’ll have to be fought out in the streets, if it can’t be fixed politically. War without blood is called politics, but rest assured it means war to them. Publicly funded elections only. That’s what we need.

Everyone must fight at the local level and grow what we need or accept that soon everyone will be Independent Contractors with no home or goods or food you can afford, nor will you be able to negotiate a living wage since your labor has been reduced to the least common denominator, and you have no individual bargaining power. Now how affordable do those “union dues” look?