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How To Prevent Nuclear War

How To Prevent Nuclear War

Lisa Fuller

What can be done to build support for a peaceful resolution to the stand-off with North Korea?

The grassroots activism that—so far—has prevented Congress from axing Obamacare is a great example of this strategy in action.

It is nauseating to hear the word “moderate Republican” or even “liberal Republican”. There are none of course. The entire Republican Party is Conservanazi and Neoliberal Democrats are not far behind. They would nuke the world for money. Money put them in power and money would destroy us all.

Direct Online Democracy

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We’d best hope that everyone with the wherewithal to slow the rapid descent toward the nuclear maelstrom does what they can. The leaders with the power to push the buttons, dial in the code numbers, or tell the warlords to let them fly don’t seem to grasp that they too will be irrevocably destroyed even if they manage to get to one of those safety tunnels before the last big blast.

It’s the tragedy of humankind that the imagination of which our species is so rightfully proud cannot imagine its own annihilation. Imagine there’s no heaven, no afterlife. We can’t do it so that makes the unthinkable thinkable after all because we cannot imagine not being one of the pieces that can be picked up and put together again.

Once the point of no return has been passed there really is no return. I don’t know if it can be stopped but I will be hoping it can until that terrible last second.

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Ms. Fuller states the hope of all who grow fearful that the man in the Oval Office is unstable and unpredictably reckless. The problem is that in this day and age, the mainstream media has become a robust political force which is in the main - conservative! Our media no longer just reports the news but actively attempts to structure the public’s response to news. Our press tells us what we believe, it tells us how we feel about an issue and how much support there is for it!

Our media no longer tries to give us the pertinent info so that we the public can make an informed decision.

Our media tries to tell us which decision we should make instead!