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How to Profit from the Coming Trump Apocalypse


How to Profit from the Coming Trump Apocalypse

Richard Eskow

A Google search for the words “Trump unstable” yields more than 10 million hits.

Nonvoters are a much larger group than either voting Republicans or voting Democrats, reflecting broad dissatisfaction with available choices. Democrats have failed to convince enough voters that they can bring about needed change.


WTF? Are you are a Republican??

Your link to a Vanity Fair article leads to Apple.com!


what a way to advance click-bait: reposting it?


“Trump Apocalypse Now”

Sounds like a movie title.

It begins with a Madman, and ends with his demise.

It should be a Blockbuster.

For at least 2/3 of the country.

And 99.9 % of the World.


Late stage predatory capitalism: 54% (known/acknowledged) of the taxes we pay into the federal budget go into a predatory military, without which the predatory aspects of this god forsaken sclerotic excuse for an economic system would not survive.

How did they get into office? Perhaps the hedge/vulture funds and the place where it is said that its s#% rolls downhill (military) need to be brought together with their other partners in crime, stood up in a circle and be handed their choice of brand new, shiny, gendered specific colors, loaded weapons and told to decide just what sort of practice makes perfect.


??? I am alerting them to their error, jerk.


Eskow is right in that systemic failures in our ‘democratic’ system gave us Trump, but he fails to address huge contribution the Democrats made to these failures. From Obama being in fact the 3rd & 4th term of Bush, to the operatives within the party boosting Trump in the 2016 primaries, to nominating a hugely unpopular harridan dressed as Dr Evil for the presidency, the Democrats pretty much handed everything over to the Republicans. Worse, they have retreated into a kind of liberal fantasy-land of retroactive falsification, re-imagining the stagnant & oppressive Obama years as some kind of reinvention of the Great Society.

How Hillary Boosted Trump in the 2016 Primaries


Maybe you are taking electoral politics a bit to seriously and thinking it is an end rather than a strategic means? I still don’t understand this almost mass-psychopathological demonization of Hillary Clinton - at risk of sounding conspiratorial, it HAS to be a result of some kind of subliminal internet-based psy-op. Hillary was a typical ambitious politician, worse than some, better than some - especially Trump and most other Republicans. Her election (or Sanders for that matter) would not have served the agenda of us on the socialist left regarding specific policies and programs, but strategically, would have made an enormous difference in our ability to organize and push our own extraelectoral program compared to what we can do under Trump.


Disagree entirely. Lesser-evilism prevailed in 2012, when it was obvious that Obama was simply normalizing most of the abuses of the Bush Regime. Progressives held their noses & voted for Obama because ‘Romney would be worse.’

But if Obama had been primaried, or if the Dems had lost in 2012, they might have corrected their course away from Neoliberal Austerity & Permanent War. We’d have had to survive a Romney presidency is all.

But nooo-ooo-oo, instead everybody look the lesser evil route, & so by 2016 the working class so disgusted with the Dems that the rust belt went for Trump. So instead of having to wait out a garden variety Republican stooge, we instead have the American Mussolini.

Not saying that it WOULD have played out that way. But when Liberals & Progressives shut up & toed the line in 2012, it GUARANTEED that sooner or later we would get a Trump.


Both parties of the established US duopoly are rotten to their core. Wall Street wins every four years with the election process as it exists today whether it be party R or party D that gets the plurality of votes. With the phenomenon of the electrical collage, the voting becomes meaningless. It is as meaningless as the pre-independence Continental Congress establishment of this voting process. While it’s theoretically possible for the entire voting extravaganza to turn its back on the corrupt duopoly and vote for a third party, it won’t happen since there is absolutely nothing “united” about the US voting public.

The only things that might alter the meaningless electoral process in the US will be a thorough change or demise of the electoral process itself due to an a) terminal economic collapse and disintegration of the federation , b) chaos following a nuclear war, c) or social disintegration of the civil and economic order and all its underpinnings due to run away global warming. Pick your poison, or it may be selected for you.