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How to Read a Broken Body: Literature in an Era of Endless War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/09/how-read-broken-body-literature-era-endless-war

Turse is the writer I most admire and avoid at the same time, because sometimes it’s too much for me. So much pain in world, so much of it supposedly on my behalf, as a USAmerican.

The headline theme “how to read” carried into the essay is telling. In an insane universe, the only orientation which works for me – helps me keep it together – is that of viewing the world presented to my eyes and to my consciousness as text, which I’m attempting to read. What could this mean, how does someone go about reading a tangled mess like this?

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I suppose you go with the questions that arise in your mind, pursue answers? Like, if Haftar conquered Mistrata, what would the changes amount to? My supposition: nothing worth the cost. Maybe we could help each other read it. What I remember reading (and I don’t know how reliable this source was) is that Gaddafi became an “enemy” when he wanted to set up a gold based currency. Go off dollars? He had Libya itself take over all its oil ops?

Next question: who caused the civil war (after we bombed the dude)? Supposition regarding from then to now (and jumping inbetween): Our team tried a regime change. Then the guys that were convinced to go along with it are now being attacked by our main dude over there. Yeah…how do you read that?

Gotta end it tonight. Later I’ll get to the “second civil war” section. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalifa_Haftar

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Yeah but, it happens I’m still awake. And my thoughts are that Frefer and Duley sort of have the same mission. What are the chances we would have learned anything about them, about their stories?? And yet we have heard about them. And what have they done? They’ve caused you, Aleph, to ask that question of yours. A good question, for we must read the tangled mess. We must. And then I’d have to say, besides the miracle of Frefer staying alive under the conditions described, there was the miracle that we now do know much about him. Hey, I take Abdul Hamid Frefer at his word…it was God’s will. Without hearing about people like Duley and Frefer who value their lives as much as they do…would we ever have had enough curiosity to try to read more what’s going on around them?

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Up on Tues Sept 10 https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/09/10/gaddafi-vs-the-west-two-revolutions-on-the-wrong-side-of-history/

I wonder if…at root…this is like payday loan outfits tied to hedgefunds [Medley HF eg]; as long as there’s chaos someone can nickel and dime refugees.

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