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How to Recognize a Plutocracy: The Dead Giveaway

How to Recognize a Plutocracy: The Dead Giveaway

Sam Pizzigati

How can we tell when a democracy, or rule by the people, evolves into a plutocracy, the reign of the rich? Easy. We have a democracy when a political system can and does make a good-faith effort to address the problems average people face.

In a plutocracy, on the other hand, the political system pays no more than lip service to average people’s problems and works diligently instead at protecting — and growing — the wealth of the already wealthy.

Mentioning “beating plutocracy back” a century ago I assume the author is referring to FDR’s New Deal ?

Recall that during that era around 10% of US voters voted for socialist or communist POTUS candidates, giving the DC politicians cover to toss a few crumbs to the 99% under the guise of keeping the US from going commie.

With 95 to 98% of US voters voting for corporate Dim or corporate GOP candidates in recent elections, the DC politicians have zero incentive to give the 99% anything and every incentive to further dismantle what little remains of the New Deal and distribute the spoils to the 1%.


As stated elsewhere, $30 trillion that’s $30,000,000,000,000 has been distributed to the already wealthy (millionaires/billionaires) over the last 10 years.

“We’d like to help you Folks, but we Just. Can’t. Afford. It.”
I was working to re-enter college during Nixon’s Wage and Price Freeze (which was really just a wage freeze.) I began my career in the fall of 1973 (Arab Oil Embargo.) Anyone in my generation knows what that (and the subsequent inflation/stagflation) did to our buying power.

Forty-five (45) years later and I’m squeaking by on Social Security. What’s our generation supposed to do? Hobble out into the streeets with our bad backs and arthritic knees?

Some American Dream!


Monkey wrench the D & R railroad. Register nonpartisan by the tens of millions. Vote green or virtual green. If no greens on the ballot, write in None of the Above. Monkey wrench is a way better tool than a wimpy our revolution dog whistle.


Yeah, a century ago the people beat back the plutocracy kinda sorta.
Then the plutocracy reared its ugly head again.
What can we do to keep the plutocracy from being able to turn back progress again?
This yo-yo’ing caused by the plutocratic regression is wasting resources and our lives.
The quality of our lives matters, the plutocracy’s piss ass economy/jobs don’t.

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There were *120-25 million potential voters in 2016 who didn’t vote in the national or state elections. * Ralph Nader speaking in NYC recently.
This is where your 3rd Party/4th Party and/or political revolution resides in the U.S. today. How to cut through the institutionalized propaganda and state-sanctioned political roadblocks to get these people to the polls? The organized radical cadre of populists who figure this out will rule the country.
" You can’t lose what you never had " is true about love, songs and relationships, but it doesn’t hold water as a condition of human beings, with legal rights under the Constitution, living in this country. Explaining this to non-voters may be a painfully slow process ( pointing to the utter failure of our public education system ) but it is the most effective.
BTW- this election cycle I’m only giving to GOTV efforts, no more propping up The Duopoly with $.
I’ll vote but I’ll be damned if I’ll pay for more plutocrats, kleptocrats and mad men who would be king.


And look at the vast resources, and effort, and space poured into demonizing that tiny sliver who vote outside the duopoly…


So let’s throw off our goddamn cowardice and grow our influence back to 1930 proportions.

I was told to my face just prior to the MI primary by my City Council reps that they were all about policy first, party second. Post primary, it’s down to a run-of-the-mill Dem versus a bonafide Independent progressive in my ward. You think I’m going to be demanding that my reps live up to their policy-first claims when it’s time to endorse?

You can betcher ass, yo.

What is outrageous is all the GREED! Anyone who is making over $10 million is in effect a criminal. These people have the real power to make change—but they choose to continue stealing from the wealth of the common people.

With all the money out there why can’t we make sure everyone is getting basic healthcare. Because healthcare isn’t about making people healthy its about making big bucks. How many people die everyday because of this corrupt healthcare system???