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How to Save Democracy From GOP Sabotage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/14/how-save-democracy-gop-sabotage


Another issue that would be easier to accomplish is to give Statehood to Washington D.C. (and to Puerto Rico if they want it).


“…Constitution says nothing at all about the size of the Court.”

Constitution, also says nothing at all about the Supreme Court having the ability to strike down laws as unconstitutional.


Excellent piece (and video)–short and to the point with actions that can be taken.

What Reich states bears repeating —especially to those who are opposed to expanding the Supreme Court and prioritizing statehood for DC and Puerto Rico:

There is no reason to accept the structure of our democracy when it repeatedly empowers a ruthless minority to impose its will over the majority. Or when it denies full representation to U.S. citizens, as is the case for Puerto Rico, which absolutely deserves self-determination.

Pay no mind to those who argue that these moves would be unfair abuses of power. *
There’s nothing unfair about making our democracy fairer. There’s no abuse of power in remedying blatant abuses of power.


The biggest blow to the GOP I can think of is to “award” the number of SENATORS directly related to the number of inhabitants! Once the system is no longer rigged to favor the descendants of the slave-owners it is byebye GOP powerplay.

New York and California together have 58,941,000 inhabitants, 84 Electoral Votes & FOUR Senators
Twenty other States together have 58,987,000 inhabitants, 120 Electoral Votes! & FORTY Senators!!

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) will deal with the Electoral College… The SENATE is the big prize!!

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Reich is right but he leaves out one very important point:

The leadership of the Democratic Party is not interested.


“nothing should be off the table to strengthen our democracy.”

Would that include voting Socialists, or non-Corporationists, to elected office?

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But that would require a constitutional amendment while the others would not. Amendments can not happen without the consent of the minority party (if they control at least 1/3 of either house or control enough states)


Reich also glosses over how very difficult it is to amend the Constitution (see the Equal Rights Amendment), and that Biden is “not a fan of packing the Supreme Court”.

Though I voted via mail for Biden-Harris, just to dump Trump, I have no illusions about the Corporate Democrats, who always bring a dull butter knife to a gunfight with the RethugliKKKans, then wonder why they usually lose.

After Trump is dumped, we MUST work to establish a TRUE progressive political party, either inside the Democrat Party (there are some decent progressives in it), or, if the Corporate Dems resist, outside of it.

Capitalist AmeriKKKa is killing the planet and must no longer be allowed to continue.


I want to add another item that’s so important: flipping legislative seats. Flipping chambers in Texas, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, and/or Pennsylvania, and the country is going to look different. This year is a redistricting year and that will have ramifications for a decade. Minimum wage increases, voting rights, and other important progressive ideas can be effectuated at the state level.


Unfortunately, the census having a huge undercount this year - mostly in more liberal leaning areas - will hurt that whole issue badly.

Democrats have to do 20% better than Republicans to get to the same place. Progressives have to do 3,876,229% better.


From what I loosely understand, Congress does not have to accept the count if it was done poorly. Frankly, it’s nuts we are discussing this at all, but here we are.

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A solid, undeniable, Dem majority and a massive dose of Moxie/cojones and the resolve to play hard-ball to counter, “roll-back”, and reverse the trump GOP “Conservative” subversion destruction of our Republic should include making Puerto Rico a state with two senators as well as DC with two and enlarge the court to re-balance it from the minority big-money saboteurs. The GOP has proven they do not care about anything but their political power and the opposition must be as devious and hard in standing-up for the 99% and wisdom over ignorance!

I’m not sufficiently well versed in the Constitutional Amendments but half measures will not hold in the long term. Like packing the court(s)?! that will just be like a limbo dance: who can go lowest. Adding two States might be the little extra to HAVE that amendment, maybe?

What is the alternative? Muddle on until at some point you DO have a second “civil” war?? You must deal with the - admittedly very clever & effective - limitations set in the archaic constitution; the Electoral College is just one element and can be defeated… now for the other parts!

I wish he’d had a plan to save Democracy from DNC sabotage…


The idea of Puerto Rico becoming a state is up to them, no one is stopping them but they don’t have a consensus.

Indeed. And the idea that the Supreme Court is vested with the special prerogatives of declaring acts of congress unconstitutional, and invalidating them, is a complete fiction, invented out of whole cloth by Chief Justice John Marshall.

The intent of the Framers was to vest those prerogatives in the People. The People were supposed to exercise those prerogatives through their congresspersons. Every member of the House of Representatives has to face election every two years. The House of Representatives was supposed to be the pulse of the People. If ratfuckers in Congress happen to take unwarranted liberties, and somehow manage to pass legislation that violates the Constitution, the People are supposed to 1) recognize what is happening (with the aid of good public schools and ethical, vigilant news media), and then 2) vote the ratfuckers out!

In no sense does the U.S. Constitution delegate any of the foregoing responsibilities to the Supreme Court. The Judiciary is supposed to be the weakest of the three branches of the U.S. government. By falsely ruling as it did in Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court unilaterally leapfrogged over the other two branches and illegitimately, extra-constitutionally, established itself as the strongest of the three branches.

The anti-democratic rot of the U.S.A. extends very deep and very far. It goes way back.


The biggest blow to the GOP is awarding SENATORS related to inhabitants. Once the system is no longer rigged to favor the descendants of slave-owners, it is “bye bye” GOP. New York and California have 58,941,000 inhabitants, 84 Electoral Votes & FOUR Senators. Twenty other States together have 58,987,000 inhabitants, 120 Electoral Votes! & The biggest blow to the GOP I can think of is to “award” the number of SENATORS directly related to the number of inhabitants! Once the system is no longer rigged to favor the descendants of the slave-owners it is bye bye GOP powerplay.

the question is— How do we save Democracy from the corporatist panderers and quislings in the Democratic party?? the ones who’s refusal to do their jobs for decades while they pocketed corporate right wing cash–the refusal to do their jobs that has left us where we are now


How about saving it from Democratic Party sabotage too and stop propping up capitalism, which has been such an appalling and damaging failure?