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How to Save Democracy From GOP Sabotage

There is indeed a consensus, but mainland, corporate media doesn’t report on that so we’re not surprised that mainlanders are largely unaware. It’s mostly irrelevant going forward anyway, as now La Resistencia methods and tactics will be increasingly used on the mainland as the US collapses. The training for that among allied groups at the local level began some time ago, along with groups in Lebanon, Chile, France, Belarus, Colombia, Russia and elsewhere. Statehood in a federation of states that is no longer functional will not be one of the primary aims going forward.

It could be argued that if you had no illusions, you would not have voted to enable the other oligarch puppet, although I understand why so few understand that as yet and genuinely think that was a viable, or even the only choice. The upside is that these elections and the two state approved parties are increasingly irrelevant, as they will discover over the coming year.


Ok thanks. I know a lot of people voted with their feet (millions) but not exactly voluntary. Those remaining would have a greater interest in sovereignty. Americans really don’t understand territorial issues well at all. I think that what ever plan would need to include climate instability but I’m sure you know this.

Some of the other systems are not functioning very well either, just saying.

“The Constitution doesn’t prevent increasing the size of the Supreme Court in order to balance it…”

How do you achieve “balance” by having fascist neoliberal Dimocraps select 4-6 more corporatist justices to go along with the 5-6 Rethuglitard fascist corporatist justices already on the Supreme Court?

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Professor, why is “sabotage” allowed in the first place?