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How to Steal from the Taxpayers While Blaming the Poor


How to Steal from the Taxpayers While Blaming the Poor

Paul Buchheit

It's a vicious circle of hypocrisy: Americans dependent on the safety net are urged to "get a job" by the same free-market system that pays them too little to avoid being dependent on the safety net.


Leaving out the fact that in a sane, moral, and just society a sociopath like Paul Ryan would be tarred and feathered rather than permitted within miles of public office, this comment also leaves out something else; and it’s vital:

"Paul Ryan said that social programs “turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency.”

The same corporate moguls who pay idiots like Paul Ryan to tout lines dreamt up by the likes of Frank Luntz fail to mention that by their own deeds and designs many jobs have been deliberately exported out of the U.S.A. That means all this talk about “getting a job” and lacking the moral self-discipline to do so is even more disingenuous. The bastards exported a great many decent jobs. They fight raising the minimum wage. Not only use taxpayer bailout $ to boost their own profits; they are busy hammering away at the existing safety nets.

There’s no place, symbolic or otherwise, with more growing “real estate” than the special hell awaiting those who would prove such loyal and faithful servants to the 1% while their fellow citizens suffer.


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I have to laugh. The mirror world definitions just need to be flipped 180 degrees. In this case, Paul Ryan got the definition and description right but the subject wrong. He’s defining and describing an identifiable sector of shareholders, corporate officers and corporate law.

At some point the legal minds need to deconstruct and back-track from the present, back through the Reagan admin to delve into the constitutionality of shareholder/corporate contract law vis a vis corporate share holder holdings.

Haven’t figured out yet where, how or when the ‘rabbit hole’ between Paul Ryan’s eyes turns into a ‘black hole’. The implication being that those who claim plausible deniability of this baldfaced rabbit hole intravenous feed from taxpayers to shareholders and corporate officers will eventually whine about being sucked through the same as it turns into a black hole. The system has ‘externalized’ EVERYTHING except its empty and convoluted rhetoric on privatized profit motive - which means it cannot see, hear or consider anything other than.

Not unlike the ‘too big to fail’ strategy for the banks, this predatory model holds all and everything in an emblematic ‘Stockholm syndrome’ currently via ongoing lineups for a series of ‘hail mary passes’ called fast track and other ‘terror’ notions of “foreign policy”.


Hear, hear. You nailed it.