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How to Stop a Tax Plan Rigged for the Rich


How to Stop a Tax Plan Rigged for the Rich

Sam Pizzigati

Average Americans today face political elites hellbent on a atax 'reform' that funnels new fortunes to the already fortunate. Back in 1932, average Ameircans faced the same scenari—and dealt the poltiical elites a history-shifting defeat.

Democrat John Nance Garner from Texas sits with Governor Roosevelt in September 1932. (Photo via National Archives and Records Administration/Wikipedia)


While an observer of the united states, I always wondered how the people made themselves heard.

It seemed that reaching someone who at once had skin in the game and was politically powerful was at one time relatively easily.

In this day of lobbyists being supplied by an endless stream of easily printed money that is returned to the legislator in heaps is a cycle that is impossible to break.

I am not sure I read anything in the respected Mr. Pizzigati’s article that addresses this.

There is tremendous power in the government/corporate structures, and and equal amount of powerlessness with those that do not fall into step.


Where will our Roosevelt come from? It sure wasn’t Obama, none in the top power brokers of dem party qualify. So Who? who can we trust to lead the charge for we the people? Jeff Merkley is my Senator and I am very proud to say that he works for all of us in America.


Bravo to Sam Pizzigati - “this year’s situation bears a remarkable resemblance to the epic tax battle of 1932, a largely forgotten struggle that set the stage for an entire generation of increasing equality.”

From your mouth/pen to the Goddess’ ears (and bow) -a critically needed sea-change must become reality toot-sweet, and the criminal trumpCon corporate cabal taken down to its rotten roots! Restore fair (soaking) taxation of the uber-wealthy!

“Live simply so that others may simply live”


Congressional Democrats should not participate in this farce. NO TAX CUTS WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TAX RETURNS!

The only Trump tax return released to date showed that, but for the Alternative Minimum Tax provision of the IRS Code, Trump would have paid virtually no tax.

Therefore, this tax “reform” bill eliminates the AMT.

We’ll never know what other provisions of this bill are written to benefit the person who signs it into law unless we have access to his returns.

This tax cut has been crafted by one party without a single public hearing. It is not a valid legislative effort; it should not be treated as one. Congressional Democrats need to BOYCOTT ALL ROLLCALL VOTES.

Democrats: Stay away from the Senate floor. Give the Republicans the rope to hang themselves (metaphorically, of course).


Any liberal who might have risen post the coup on JFK has been "eliminated"
before they’ve actually had a chance to rise.

And there’s a long list of them.


Zero –

Thank you. Very much agree with your comments.

While I would always remain hopeful as more Americans continue to awaken to
the fascism that has risen in the US and begin to be more outspoken and more
active, the conspiracy is far and wide and deep.

Our Founders in the Constitution actually created an Elite Patriarchy . . . *

Not only do we not have a leader rising as powerful as FDR, the “subsidizing” of
elected officials has turned into full ownership and our representatives into full-
time criminals corrupting whatever they touch.

Additionally, those Elites here and internationally who recruited and funded
Hitler/Nazis ensured that the Fourth Reich would rise again here and around
the world by planning which began at least two years before the end of WWII,
moving former Nazis into the US to found the CIA and by funneling them into the
FBI and other government agencies - and to “hot spots” around the world.

They moved to control and suppress our free press here and internationally.
They moved to plant Nazis into the US government along with their programs/
experiments/policies and practices.
They moved to ensure that only right wing governments would gain control of
governments in nations over which the US had influence and control at the
end of WWII – Japan, Germany, France Italy.

We did defeat Germany, but not fascism. And it is deeply embedded in our
own government today – and internationally leaving no one to “save anyone else.”


*** for those who might not have read these comments before …**

_endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence and control _
over our people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.

_These were the people who saved and supported Slavery which guaranteed _
the Civil War which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into tw
camps of hatred which still echo today.

_And who delivered Genocide against the Native people here – 112 million of _
_them – in running “The Inquisition”/“Crusade”-like violence which had soaked _
_the soil of Europe in blood. Those Papal Edicts called for the “enslavement _
_or killing” of Africans here and native people they called "pagans – only fit to _
be fed to dogs."


Maybe Joe Kennedy III?


Nancy Pelosi was very upset today on Meet the Press when Chuckie Todd dismissed her without discussing the pending tax bill in Congress. Your dismissed Rep. Pelosi ,Comcast is not interested in your views on one of the largest transfers of wealth to the 1%.(Theft)

Chuckie and Comcast will equate Al Franken to a child molester in Alabama,so he can get elected and the tax bill will pass. Then of course Chuckie and Comcast will forget all about the sex harassment stuff because it served its purpose. Strange how the media did so little reporting on the many women accusing Trump of harassment. “Reporters” have actually said it was Clinton’s fault for not making these women a bigger issue.

I hope Nancy Pelosi got a good taste of how pathetic the corporate media has become. These media giants need to be broken up not allowed to consolidate.