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How to Stop Trump from Stealing the Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/21/how-stop-trump-stealing-election

I can think of a multitude of ways to stop the Orange Anus from stealing the election, but unfortunately, I’d most likely be banned from Common Dreams.



Note also that Reich frames it as “Trump contesting election results” even though it will take Trump AND his many GOP enablers contesting election results to throw decisions to Congress or the courts. If this was just a Trump problem we would have no concerns. Unfortunately Moscow Mitch and the entire organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP will be whining as lous as Trump.


Why does Bobby think republicans will wait until January 3, 2021 to vote in the house of representatives?

nancy has not done well negotiating with anybody, even herself!!

Give her a stock market tip and she is all yours.

One of your ways results in five additional years of losing leaders instantly.

One guy, who would be leading Trump by 60 to 40 right now is Beau Biden.

If he had not been murdered, he would be the winning democratic candidate, not his dad.

And I am not going to promo to cuomo in 2024. I prefer Tammy Duckworth.

Watching CNN and MSNBC at times tonight –
Watched more TV in this election cycle that I’ve watched all year –

I picked up the idea as they surveyed the states and interestingly …
how much Biden and Trump have on hand – and both may have access
to ever more cash for all we know (think of Nixon and suitcases with millions
in cash) but looks like Trump has spent a great deal of his cache and mistakenly.

So here’s the thing – Biden is in asking me for money? Why?

And, many of us are trying to support a Senate flip – we’re funding the races in many
of the states –

It did occur to me that the Dem Party may also be playing/praying for a limited majority
so that we have no leverage over them – and as Obama threw away his majority in
game-playing with the GOP after he resurrected them from the ashes after his landslide.

Keep your eye on the money totals – no reason not to think there may be colluding here
between Biden and GOP on numbers – limiting the landslide which certainly looks to me
like it’s coming.

coulda been a landslide.
Joe at home too many days
Hillary said see my dot com
instead of outlining her policies at town halls, etc.

Dems can / could have done better.
Failures by nancy and schumer do
cost dems creditability to govern.

Of course, the fourth rate jerks in the west wing out flanking seasoned dem leaders is scary.

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Well, tonight we have Obama taking over for Biden for the tail end of the campaign –

He’s still popular – he could run again –


Maybe Trump will be too ill to appear tomorrow night?

SMILE – good night – I’m off –

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Pelosi doesn’t need stock tips. She’s an expert at using readily available inside information, without consequence.

Far from uncommon that…Pelosi is the Democratic Party’s leading fund raiser and that is why she remains in a position of power.
Her and her husband are extremely wealthy and were prior to her assuming her office. I have no inside information about Pelosi receiving inside information…LOL

Great argument for election by popular vote not all this electoral college nonsense and 12th amendment stuff. Way past timed to change this; a lot of this would be cleared up. That and gotta rework the money angle. Presidential campaigns shouldn’t last this long or cost this much. Not worth what we get, by far.

Regarding the election, I thought I would mention that tonight is an important debate for progressive people to watch.

Of course, I am referring to the fourth debate in the race for the Senate seat in Maine - an Ranked Choice Voting state - with Green/indpendent candidate Lisa Savage (~https://www.lisaformaine.org/debate). Here are links to the first three debates if you want to watch Lisa’s performance in those
~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-rJBAL5Osk&feature=emb_logo (debate 1)
~https://www.wagmtv.com/2020/09/29/2020-senate-debate/ (debate 2)
~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfybc0FT6mw (debate 3)

Lisa is currently polling at a little over 5% - but interestingly, because of her positive campaign and performance in the first three debates, she is now the top second choice for voters who currently support Gideon (corporate democrat), for those currently supporting Collins (conservative Republican), and for those currently supporting Linn (Trump supporting independent). Yes - 5% for first choice but first place in second choice votes. Hopefully, building a strong organization and developing favorable public opinion will have substantial effect on her work after the election and going into the next one.

Having a viable second choice for president would be great. That would help bigly.

With reference to this article, the Russian/Iran articles, the sky is falling fantasies by Gleb, etc. Looked at somewhat less one-sidedly, some of us have those exact same concerns with the DNC - remembering, inter alia, 2020’s Hillary “do not concede this election no matter what” Clinton, “sure we rigged the primary against Sanders in both 2016 and 2020” DNC boast, the DNC operatives who spent months filing lawsuits to get the Green Pres/Vp candidates removed from the ballots to eliminate the ‘competition’, and the whole completely made-up allegations in 2016 to ‘explain’ the Clinton electoral crash, and again, this time making it Russia and Iran who supposedly want to ‘interfere’ with American elections.

Seems a reasonable person might well conclude that it is not only Trump who wishes to suppress the
vote for anyone but himself. And if signage, rallies/lack thereof, voter contact/lack thereof, even robocalls are any indicator the so-called polls are just more of the propaganda. Biden has done nothing to advance a campaign basically anywhere at all. And the piece de resistance - having “I do love myself Obama”, the drone killing king of the world - to come in and throw barbs at the Trumpster from afar. Where has this
fake been for the last three years? Having already voted and not for anyone who might be fairly characterized as a ‘bought and paid for public villain’, this is just simple observation, not intended advocacy… The logical view from the ground is that the race is Trump’s. If that turns out to be the way things
turn out, I somehow suspect that the DNC will be going wild with accusations of election stealing, etc.
themselves. Guess it just depends on your perspective who’s a cherub and who’s not. .