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How To Stop Trump


How To Stop Trump

Robert Reich

Why did working class voters choose a selfish, thin-skinned, petulant, lying, narcissistic, boastful, megalomaniac for president?

With the 2018 midterms around the corner, and prospective Democratic candidates already eyeing the 2020 race, the answer is important because it will influence how Democrats campaign.

One explanation focuses on economic hardship. The working class fell for Trump’s economic populism.


When applied to right wing candidates, terms like “populism”, and “economic populism” need to include a FAUX prefix to accurately characterize their serial populist campaigns/rhetoric, combined with serial anti-populist actions.


Make that progressive Democrats, because blue dog dems. are part of the problem.


Thanks to Robert Reich for his perseverance.

Al Gore recently had something to say which bears repeating, the following from “The Guardian” re Pruitt, Trump and the swamp:

He [Al Gore] went on to accuse big business of leaning on Donald Trump to preserve Pruitt’s job. “The big grifters depend on the little grifter, and the big grifters have contacted the head grifter and said ‘Keep him in there’,” Gore said.

Gore finished with an impassioned call for reforms to protect the US democratic system from the caustic influence of rich individuals and corporations. “Our democracy was hacked long before Vladimir Putin hacked it, by big money and big lobbying. In order to solve the climate crisis we’ve got to fix the democracy crisis.”

Al Gore Speaks

The new Netflix four part series on RFK, “Bobby for President”, is tremendous, and provides historical perspective as well.


Finally Robert Reich is seeing the light and letting go of his fascination of HRC.
Now he can focus on the political/economic policies that need to be rectified in today’s world. This piece is the first one in long time which shows some clarity of the need for change in his beloved demparty.


Return to Eisenhower-Era Pro$perity?   Return to Eisenhower-Era Tax Rate$!!

* Two symptoms/symbols of that corruption being HRC & DWS’ affiliation with Wall Street, and O’Bummer’s bail-out of the Banksters.  Maybe Reich has finally realized that not all of us are deaf & blind.


The DNC has no interest in anything other than promoting their designated candidates, They generally loose and until the DNC lets voters choose Democratic party candidates in fair primary elections, Democrats will continue to loose elections.


Trump lied and conned his way to the top.

He has “no” integrity.

How To Stop Trump?

Treat him as irrelevant.


What Reich still won’t except is how corrupt the corp. Dem. party is. Not much has changed, in the recent election in Chicago, the female (a progressive) was wining, then votes flipped and she lost. The recent recording of Dem. Steny Hoyer telling a progressive to get out of the race in Colorado, the list keeps going on and on.
Lets not for get the party suing every one under the sun, to hide their inept, corrupt behavior. If they flip congress in the midterms don’t expect anything to change, most will be corp. Dem’s or connected to the security state, there’s 57 of them running.

A third party is our ONLY option for change.


I am going to suggest that had Bernie Sanders been candidate for President , he would have won in a landslide. Hilary Rodham Clinton was THAT bad. From this I can only conclude that while bigotry played a role in the US Elections, those that are subject to such would have voted for a Republican in any case and that had the Democratic Party some amount of integrity left to it and not just a tool of the Corporations , the BIGOTS and Racists would have been outvoted 2 to one.

All of those people that stayed home and did not vote are not bigots. The DNC strategy of trying to remain Corporate friendly while they go after what they call “The Moderates” in the Republican party loses them more voters then it gains. What it does is alienate close to half the voters and leaves the Duopoly fighting over the remainder. Mr Sanders tries to address that but the DNC establishment is trying to marginalize that initiative so it can be “Big Business as usual”.


"As a result, big money now calls the shots in Washington—obtaining subsidies, tax breaks, tax loopholes (even Trump promised to close the “carried interest” loophole yet it remains), and bailouts. "

Isn’t that why Big Money established representative government in the first place?


Much of Trump’s support came from people who are doing quite well financially so it is hard to trace his voters to economics. There are probably many reasons. Hate of liberals probably tops the list. Hillary Clinton is basically an icon for liberalism. If by working class workers this means people who do manual work because they are angry as manual work has lost its status while people who do professional skills such as math, engineering, computer programming, etc. The main thing Trump had in his favor is that he made it clear he would represent the interests of white people. According to his supporters, when blacks or other minorities win then whites lose. Of course many of Trump’s working class supporters are members of groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis, or Patriot militias. There is nothing the Democrats can do to get these working class voters. Nor is there much can be done to attract voters who are economic libertarians and want to end the role of government in all social programs. The situation is complex and probably economic class based politics can play some role in getting more votes for Democrats but it is far from being the answer. There is no single answer. Trump’s supporters are a very heterogeneous group and a variety of strategies are needed. And beyond that something needs to be done about voter suppression laws and gerrymandering as these things give the Republicans an unfair advantage, as does the electoral college.


The DNC is a collective “King Midas” Not many citizens are aware of the corporate nature of the DNC. The repugs have Koch, Mercer et al and the DINOs have the DNC.

But I think that this piece is the first time I have heard any hint of criticism of the his beloved dims. Possibly since he once worked in the dim adm he feels some type of loyal allegiance. I admit he has a long way to go before he is truly honest about the ingrained corruption.


It doesn’t help that Sanders seems to be naively convinced the democratic party can be saved. Sorry Bernie, maybe you are old enough to remember when the Dem party actually stood for something but that part of the party died long ago and the current leadership is hell bent on making sure it never comes back.


Absolutely. The populist would have exposed the “populist” for what he was with little difficulty. It would have been obvious to the great majority that the blood to be infused should be full of oxygen and not toxins. It would have been a brilliant strategy on the part of the DNC and yet… Me? Still a proud independent who cares for and is very concerned for this nation and the planet on which it resides.


So voters chose the other candidate? Sometimes that happens during elections, right? And if it’s the election I’m thinking of, the DCCC didn’t even announce its support until the very end, which is unusual for an incumbent.


I think Bernie doesn’t want Trump to stack the judiciary with anti-progressive justices. A Dem majority in the Senate stops that and it makes him Chair of the Budget Committee.


Democrats have been living in a dream world since 1965 and the signing of the civil rights voting act. Every election since then has featured middle and lower class whites voting against their own best economic interests. Why you ask? It’s really very simple. Middle and lower class whites feel they are powerless in America’s body politic. They know that, at the end of every Election Day, they will still be struggling, still be poor. The last thing they feel they can lean back on, at the end of the day,mis the fact that at least they’re still white.
The democrats need to realize that poor white Americans have not voted for them in two generations. And they’re not about to start again.


Reich is still counting on the Dems turning this around. Hopeless.


Had Sanders won the election, capital would have gone on strike and brought the country to a standstill. This would have forced Sanders to capitulate by appointing pro-Wall Street types to his cabinet and going back on his campaign promises. That is, in the absence of mass movement prepared to hit the streets, elections are meaningless.