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How to Succeed at Failing in Iraq, Pentagon-Style


How to Succeed at Failing in Iraq, Pentagon-Style

Nick Turse

There’s good news coming out of Iraq... again. The efforts of a 65-nation coalition and punishing U.S. airstrikes have helped local ground forces roll back gains by the Islamic State (IS).


Once we find the antidote to this

we'll be on the right path.


You can not force a people to change by bombing etc. unless you kill them all. Watch again what happens when we stop enabling one side against the other.


Nick Turse is the pro amongst US reporters on the Wall Street wars wherever the Pentagon can sell them to the US public. His writing is thorough and solid. It seems to me the audience here needs a more succinct version rather that the typically TomDispatch long-and-winding-road description of the thorough analysis. It may be too bad we Americans have shorter attention spans annually, but this is where we are.

To stop the Pentagon budget-killing, global swaggering, nation-destroying (democracy is not tolerable anywhere the Pentagon goes), and the ordinary US media rubber-stamp on all their propaganda crap, we need to focus keenly on the audience we have, not the one we wish for.

Three thumbs up for an excellent article. For five thumbs up, reduce many more of the redundant examples of the Pentagon-speak to footnotes/linkages. Note that the ordinary article here is about 1/3 the length of this article.


Thank you Nick Turse. Every serious, sober analyst concluded, before the fact, that there was a very high probability that Iraq would be split into three separate spheres should the US invade, occupy, and destroy the European colonial powers' construct known as "Iraq." And that is in fact what happened - and almost immediately - and goes unacknowledged in the halls of power and in the media to this very day. There is no coherent nation to build an army for!

The absolute straight-faced mendacity of all the be-medaled primping peacocks mentioned above is the biggest hustle going on today. This idiotic nation could pour every cent of its wealth into that effort and the result will remain the same. But the military types are not much different than the other "important players" of this collapsing empire. Corporatist Giganticus capitalism is driving the planet to dysfunction and the princes of commerce fete each other for their excessive profit-taking.


Except the common people the oligarchs are making truck load of money and belonging to the tax-payers in the war of choice. So it may go on for few decades more until the economy would collapse bringing more homelessness and joblessness. Therefore it is a failure by choice because even a child knows that at this stage you cannot hold a colony by any means. War will ruin the economy which is happening despite spreading the lies showing rosy hue about the economic future.


Nick Turse is a very good reporter ad only troubling by the unstated conclusion that Iraq is not only a failed state, but as suggested by Professor Bacevich, incapable of being anything else. That conclusion plays into the hands of those who have worked to create a failed state and consider its fragmentation an objective. The hope, instead, is that there will be an effort to recreate Iraq as well as Syria as viable states with all the benefits that provides to the citizens of those states. This means rejecting the efforts of those who have attempted to fragment the state by encouraging a separate Kurdish state and using enmity between Sunnis and Shiites to block efforts to put Iraq back together. Bacevich is correct, of course, that there must be a will to fight and there also must be a will to come together to prevent the exploitation that has occurred to date. While outsiders can't dictate the outcome, they should at least support it.


The "B" in the newly appointed Secretary of Defense, Ashton B Carter, stands for "Bombs Away." Heavy bombing, boots-on-the-ground troops, and other murderous/destructive military activities have escalated dramatically throughout Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and who knows where else in the Middle East (although not publicized by MSM, interestingly enough) since he assumed the throne. Collateral damage be damned and he has said as much to his generals. AB Carter's mean-spirited nature is written all over his face...with him, ugly is not only on the outside, it goes all the way to the bone.


Everything seems to dodge around that fact that the wars are a great success and do exactly what the PTB want them to do.
* War is the most profitable business the world has ever seen. The Merchants of Death make incredible profits as long as the wars continue and spread. The government buys their weapons, uses them and buys more. They sell to all sides of every war and make even more profits.
* The only thing they fear is that someday, people will commit peace.
* The hundreds of billions and trillions of profit during the cold war was like a Midas touch. More contracts, more designs, more overruns, more profits.
* In 1991, when the CCCP collapsed, We the People of the World breathed a collective sigh of relief. Now we could have peace. Now we could rebuild the world, help common people to survive and prosper. Repair the damages and ravages of war, rebuild cities and villages.
* Unfortunately, the Merchants of Death were thrown into a panic. They were looking at a reduction or elimination of profits. They might have to go back to producing stoves and refrigerators. A man buys a stove, he keeps it for twenty years. Where is the profit in that? Someone buys a thousand pound bomb and boom he has to buy another. That's real profit!
* I'm sure the CIA and other Black Ops specialists were contacted and told to do their job, destabilize the world and create more profit making wars. They are good at what they do and so, we live in an ever expanding, ever more brutal, enormously profitable warfare state, while millions die, their nations destroyed, their resources raped, millions turned into refugees, who are further victimized.
* The 0.001% Merchants of Death raise their glasses high as they salute unimaginable profits and power from their strategy.
* No, I'm sorry, but the expanding, ever more brutal wars around the globe have not been a failure. They have been the answer to the prayers of the Merchants of Greed and Death. Unlimited profit!
* The only losers are We the People of the World, forced to pay for it, and to die in the millions.