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How to Turn Ten Days Into a Lifetime

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/06/how-turn-ten-days-lifetime

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Moscow Mitch is not going to jeopardize his stellar track record of confirming record numbers of fascist judges…by far the biggest feather in his Senate Majority Leader hat.

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I’m sorry if this is getting tedious, but the phrase “Moscow Mitch” is flagrant bigotry, pure and simple (not to mention standard DNC anti-Russian warmongering). It’s possible to oppose Republicans without blaming them on the good people of Moscow, and without trying to start WWIII.

“But the Republicans hate it when we associate them with Russians!” partisans object. That’s no excuse for bigotry. Why is it not okay for Orangeman to speak of the “China virus” but it’s okay for liberal poseurs to make the bogus association “Moscow Mitch” (as if Moscow is somehow responsible for Mitch, or China for the virus)? Goddam it, I wish people would knock off the hatred! Can’t people realize xenophobia is stochastically corrosive no matter who weilds it? Whenever I make this objection, I am no longer surprised at the defense of bigotry to follow in response, even here in the Commons.

Are you really itching to nuke Moscow? You sure sound like it, with blockheaded, sloppy verbiage like that. Mitch McConnell (among others) transforms USA into a scorched-earth wasteland: Germlandia.


Ronald Reagan popularized the so-called Eleventh Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican .” He said this during his campaign for Governor of California in 1966. It was really the true beginning of a the Republican Party morphing into a cult. He was a powerful leader, Trump far outpaces the sicknesses that define a cult. His ability to empower cult members to effect vengeance on “others” is legendary. Truest evil I have seen in my lifetime.

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Me too, me too. And I’m no spring chicken, either.

I think as a child growing up I was an instinctual progressive, planning out the rest of my life with the expectation that incredibly horrible heights of cruelty, from humanity’s past, are past – and that restraints and bonds of social humanity would strengthen as time went by, making such terrible atrocities less likely in future. I believed in progress, in those days.

Now I’m certainly much closer to the other end of my visit here, and we haven’t seen any progress yet, except for the progression of pure evil, especially as fine-tuned by our soulless former governor of CA, the grinning, bloodthirsty, mindless second-rate movie star – a key architect of today’s social implosion.

Ibram Kendi, in Stamped from the Beginning, conceptualizes “progress” as historically occurring on parallel tracks: anti-racist progress alongside simultaneous racist progress.


Progressives ignore the signs at their own peril. Ignore Trump’s real estate development trip to Moscow during the 80s after which he became Putin’s bitch, ignore agent Melania being planted in the Trump cult, ignore firm evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 election, ignore the aluminum plant under construction in Kentucky (will they rename it Mitchiana?)…the list goes on.

You, me and MOST US gubmit operatives realize that military action in either direction between the US and Russia will be the least likely manifestation of conflict in the forseeable future. Being willing to do anything to advance his agenda, Trump and his cult do not fall into the category of MOST in this context.

Whether you’re against him or even part of his death cult, for the sake of us all, he must go: Straight to jail.