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How to Wield Influence and Sell Weaponry in Washington


How to Wield Influence and Sell Weaponry in Washington

William Hartung

Unless the nuclear spending spree long in the making is stopped thanks to public opposition, the rise of an antinuclear movement, or Congressional action, we're in trouble 

nuclear weapons


Nuclear Weapons: The Greatest Show on Earth


Great to see some gum-shoe tread on the tracks left by the kidnappers of societal and planetary well being and equilibrium.

My curiosity is increasing about the fluffer nutty white buffer zone of million dollar stockholder wannabees who have hit the level of 'there is no such thing as ‘enough’. This zone of gold-plating and gilding the lily, whose zone of addiction runs so deep that to even acknowledge much less make a dent in the denial walls is one being massaged and lined up by their ‘betters’ to serve as human shield. The flatulence of the financial sector is one indication that digestion of its manipulations is being channelled into military jets and other plosive release mechanisms.

The breadth of military capable of seeing through the smoke and mirrors remains a dangerously unknown quantity. If I go with faith in the human being, my vision is that the majority would rather be put to work on BUILDING rather than destroying - excepting of course those perversions of authority deserving of being shut down by the faithfully just.


The national treasury spent on nuclear weaponry cannot be truly fathomed until one realizes that healthcare, education, welfare could be funded forever with these now non-existant funds. These funds to destroy the world. Bipartisan green lights for over 70 years. For what? To destroy the world! Again, to destroy the world, going broke to destroy everything. Children starve, the homeless languish, student borrow to pay for expensive education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid; funds cut, funds we all paid taxes on to assure us a living after working for scraps, you get the idea. Now hopey, changy, Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama come along and ups the ante, again, starting new rounds of ever increasing madness(spending) threatening to end the world. No one listens to reasonable folks for their anti-nuke stance. The hawks pour on more coal and steam ahead toward oblivion. I’m inclined to believe that now poses as great of threat as most anytime of the cold war except during the Cuban Missile Crisis of '62 when an order by the Soviets wasn’t followed by a submarine commander to launch a nuclear armed torpedo towards a Naval ship in the blockade against Cuba. It’s time to disarm, concentrate on Earth’s growing crisis of global poisoning and work towards peace for a change.


Affter zat, Herr Doktor SonderLieber vorned us aboudt das ‘Mein Schafft Gapp’, undt nau haffen ve der ‘Intel­ligence Gapp’.  (Venn it komms to das gapp uff der intelligence uff das Orange “leader” kompared mit der int­elligence uff der Orang-Utan, it becomss klear zat das thirdt time ist der charm . . . )


I wrote about this a number of years ago, and the situation has only gotten worse since then.

Unfortunately, the too large a segment of American public is still going along with this huge waste and misuse of public funds, which could be going to education, healthcare and rebuilding the infrastructure. Until the public complains more, this will only get worse. The military budget just went up another $30 billion plus this year alone.