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How To Win Back Obama/Sanders/Trump Voters


How To Win Back Obama/Sanders/Trump Voters

Les Leopold

Hillary Clinton underperformed Barack Obama by minus 290,000 votes in Pennsylvania, minus 222,000 votes in Wisconsin and a whopping minus 500,000 votes in Michigan. We don’t know how many of these voters also supported Sanders along they way, but it is highly likely that millions took that journey. Winning them back is the key to the battle for economic and social justice.

Rounding up the usual suspects?


Conspicuously from the piece is any mention of a fave GOP tactic: voter suppression. Not only do the voters mentioned need to be won back, but also those who's ballots were 'lost.' Even Bernie Sanders was far too airy about this subject.


You are sure right that we have to get away from neoliberal democrats but to mention Obama? He lost 2010, 2014 and 2016 for us, people were tired of his get along with republicans and learning lessons from history of the 90's and first 8 years of 21 Century.
Yes, some of them went to Trump because the dem party (neo liberal elites of the party) anointing of Hillary Clinton and illegally and corruptly ignoring Bernie Sanders.


There are a lot of articles about "neoliberalism". Is it possible that people use that term because they are afraid of turning readers off by talking about capitalism? If so, could it be part of the problem that writers and activists want to work both sides of the politically-correct fence by trying to be simultaneously for capitalism and against neoliberalism?


By "win back" you clearly refer to the Dem Party, but after Bill Clinton betrayed "his" voter base, and that was followed by Obama doing the same and HRC being her unlikeable and corrupt self the independent, progressive "Dem", Sanders, American values base has been screwed time and time againg by the Democratic Party corporate/big-money establishment, always moving further to the right. Now after the trump "win" (or HRC-establishment-neoliberal loss) the party still is firm;y in the same hands as before! No change we can believe-in, no new Sanders leadership of direction - no meaningful reform! The Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Cuomo sellout "compromisers still make the rules and hold the power. Look, "compromise" is essential in politics, but collusion and capitulation are NOT!

YES - "We need to continue the Sanders attack on the neoliberal order by offering a compelling vision for social and economic justice."
We need to trumpet the Sanders message of big-money/banker/wall street usury and greed-driven domination and subversion of our broken politics!

No foundational and leadership/'candidate change/reform in the Dem Party, No "winning-back" anyone! Screw me once, shame on you, screw me countless times, shame on me!


"There’s something special about face-to-face discussions that social media alone cannot replace."

Bologna. Otherwise, good article.

Online Direct Democracy


"Capitalism unfettered becomes fascism" RF Kennedy Jr


Business 101 - Trickle-Down Economics: The Fat Cats piss on the Middle Class, and it Trickles Down onto the Working Poor.


I haven't seen that quote before; now I understand why RFK was assassinated.  But who was behind it – Standard Oil, Lockheed-Martin, General Motors, Bank of Amerika - or All of the Above?? . . .


"Capitalism unfettered becomes fascism" RF Kennedy Jr --

From my computer dictionary:

"unfettered |ʌnˈfɛtəd| -- adjective
not confined or restricted: 'his imagination is unfettered by the laws of logic.'

Sound like anyone you know?


I believe the actual quote is "While free markets tend to democratize a society, unfettered capitalism leads invariably to corporate control of government.", which is the equivalent statement, I suppose, but not the same quote.


Your naive hope assumes that there will even BE mid-term elections in 2018 . . .


Those have already begun...


I don't believe there is a way back, the democrats are performing exactly as required by the establishment. There ability to earn millions, the lavish lifestyles afforded to them by the lobbyists who to all intense of purposes are bribing to ensure governance is as directed. Mark Blyth made a interesting comment "Democracy is the insurance policy for the establishment, elite and wealthy, it ensures they are protected. The Hamptons where the wealthy and hedge fund managers reside is in a indefensible position, they would not be protected when the people come with the pitchforks. They do have to ensure they look after the electorate, to ensure their safety, they have failed to realise that and the potential outcomes that may arise out of that.


We're 20 years into one hell of a war, brought to fruition by the Clinton administration, virtually disappeared by liberal media. Dems in Congress kicked off 2015 with a clear statement about their priorities, voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled. As the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation, the meaning of "economic justice" was reframed to exclude the very poor.

A good many of us who are still doing OK have opposed this war on the poor all along, but the general public have other concerns. Many knew that the years of the Obama administration marked out last chance to turn things around. It was worth a try, but just didn't work.


I think you mean the 2018 campaign fund-raising emails. Be sure to add a few dollars to help cover the costs of the 2020 campaign fundraising efforts.


And nothing trickles down below that, to the truly poor. As modest as the income from a full-time minimum wage job is, it's roughly double our former AFDC aid.

A more critical issue is in the fact that the US shut down/shipped out such a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, then ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. This resulted in increasing the number of people in desperate need of jobs while decreasing the number of jobs available. The Obama administration did an extraordinary job of job creation, but this still left us with only 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.).


There of course were no opposing forces, just evil Democrats doing evil things. There wasn't, for example, three presidential elections in a row where Democrats got stomped, most notably in 1984, after a sitting president actually broke a union very publicly. There wasn't a turn toward "third way" politics by 1984's Bernie Sanders, Gary Hart, who captured more delegates than Sanders did in a three way race for the Democratic nomination largely on the youth vote. Nope. What we would call neoliberalism didn't sell at all that year even though it nearly unseated the old school labor backed candidate. And we all know about the Massachusetts liberal who won the 1988 election bigly. That was awesome.

Then Bill Clinton came in and all on his own wrecked welfare. There was no Gingrich revolution. In fact, he just needed to be more progressive because it worked great for him early in his administration. And of course Clinton did not veto the first two versions of the bill, a bill which there was no momentum for after Republicans scored a smashing victory by campaigning on it in Congressional elections. Oh, and Clinton did not raise the EITC, the child tax credit, or push any other middle class oriented policies while negotiating the bill. That was all awesome Republicans. Those damn Democrats.


The Giving Tree that was the 14th Amendment and The New Deal is now a stump. Now comes Trump to grind that stump.


Chris Hayes had an interesting town hall meeting show in Chicago-----the tension was obvious in the room. I give Hayes credit for airing an issue that so needs real discussion. Yet this was one hour -so we got to hear from people in the community----what is strange is the conversation was more focused on policing---while people in attendance raised issues of investment and jobs.

This is the home of Obama,and yet these people clearly felt abandoned .