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How to Win the Holiday Healthcare Debate With Your Conservative Relatives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/24/how-win-holiday-healthcare-debate-your-conservative-relatives

Not only do “US businesses have a disadvantage when competing with companies in universal coverage nations”, small US businesses have a disadvantage competing against big US corporations because the US medical industrial complex is all about economy of scale. Big corporations have big pools of employees where risk can be widely spread whereas small businesses don’t and are forced to pay higher prices for less coverage compared to big corporations.

High cost of medical insurance for small businesses is the number one reason that many small businesses never get off the ground and why nobody wants to buy (or even inherit) most small businesses when the owners are ready to retire.


First, don’t waste your breath on older relatives. America’s aged are the most selfish, daft, and mean spirited that you’ll find anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, they were raised, worked, and retired in a capitalist system that convinced them that socialism is evil, except for their Medicare and social security. These old folks drank the koolaid a long time ago, so trying to convince them that socialism literally makes their retired lives possible is a fools errand.
And of course the author, like so may others on this issue, forget the biggest and most tangible benefit single payer healthcare would provide. It would be the single most effective pro worker legislation ever passed. In short, it would create a quantum shift in the socio/political fabric of the US.
That’s why corporate America and their oligarchy will never allow it.

Here’s another approach to the discussion:
Understand this:

  • Private Health insurance Companies do not provide healthcare - They only pay the bills . For this ‘service’, they skim 20% +/- off the top for themselves, leaving less of your money for your care. Overhead for Medicare is 2% or less.

  • Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.

  • For Profit insurance means Less healthcare = more profit. How will that motive affect their decisions for you and your family?

  • Private-based insurance still leaves you with Corporate Death Panels. Their requirement for profit sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you, or not.

  • Private-based insurance still includes co-pays, deductibles, limits, MEDICAL BANKRUPTCY, and for most, ties you to your employer. If you lose your job, you probably lose your healthcare care.

Isn’t this a No-Brainer?


I don’t have an Uncle Joe, but if I did, I’d most likely end up at the liquor table.


While we won’t have to endure any wackos on thanksgiving, we will again be spending Christmas Eve with my wife’s family of bible thumping, Breitbart believing, Fox News watching drones.
We found out a couple of years ago what the secret was in dealing with this cult of buffoons. We stock the bar with as much cheap liquor and mixers as humanly possible. Get them tanked in the first hour, then hide in the kitchen, and eavesdrop, as they begin to pick on each other.
Religious conservatives will eat their own. They just need the proper elixir.


Don’t we all, BigB? Need the proper elixir, that is.

Finding some common ground with those we have differing opinions with has worked with my conservative relatives.

It’s difficult for me to keep my mouth shut when I hear something being stated as fact that is hypocritical.

I hardly see my relatives anymore as I’ve moved away from where it was a feasible distance to still visit with them.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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Excellent summary post! And yes, it’s a no-brainer.

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Is anyone else following the current Parliamentary election in the U.K.? While Brexit is certainly the central focus, the state of their National Health Service is close behind. Even those who praise the system admit that there are shortages of general practitioners, nurses, and specialists. People have to wait months for crucial cancer care because of lack of capacity. The four main parties involved are all competing to see who can promise to spend more to fix an unfixable situation. Putting health care decisions into a politically driven domain is an exceedingly bad idea.

Uncle Joe is probably on Medicare which is universal health care for those 65 and older. It works, it’s great and has high approval ratings from the 65 and older crowd. All the other wealthy democratic countries have some form or version of universal health care, everyone is covered and no one goes bankrupt from medical costs. Bernie is right, now is the time for true universal health care!!! Jeezus, when does this country get a ****ing brain. Universal health care is long overdue. Truman proposed a national health care system in 1947-48 but was defeated by the GOP and the AMA. Now is the time for universal health care, no more damn delaying. Feel the Bern, vote for Bernie. I am an Uncle Joe who is for universal health care NOW, ASAP!

It’s such a bad idea, the British love it: