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How TPP Increases Corporate Power vs. Government — And Us


How TPP Increases Corporate Power vs. Government — And Us

Dave Johnson

Power is the ability to control, to tell what to do, to get your way. Corporations have a lot of power over working people in our country now, and they might be about to get a lot more.

The proponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) tell us that it will have unprecedented “progressive” protections for the rights of working people, the environment, even wildlife. So there is likely to be flowery-sounding language in TPP, just as President Obama says.

What matters is whether there will be clear and guaranteed enforceability of those words.


Sound analysis, Mr. Johnson.

On this:

“Corporations get a special channel for enforcement; labor organizers get murdered. That’s how power is shifted.”

It’s also shifted to criminalize whistle-blowers with onsite reporters/journalists and environmentalists increasingly being mowed down.

Power of the sort that’s now coalesced into a relative few corporate hands (profoundly assisted by militias of all sorts, private mercenary armies, included) has no obligation to answer to anyone.

In response to this closing comment:

"Unfortunately, TPP will be no different from previous trade agreements that ignore these priorities and approach trade the same old way: by focusing on corporate goals and giving special rights to corporations at the expense of workers and consumers.”

I think matters are worsening. Just as the novice criminal entered into a community of more sophisticated criminals (during years spent in prison) learns to improve his criminal capacities, corporations have learned from NAFTA and CAFTA. Now, having created the ruse of using their own consortium of attorneys to arguably arbitrate clauses between nations, the trespassers will get to DEFINE what justice (as enforced) will mean.

TPP and TIPP are worse than travesties.

Just as Monsanto’s monopolistic use of bio-genetic seeds has led to the ACTUAL suicide of thousands of farmers in India, these trade pacts guarantee further suffering, suicide, privation and anything BUT justice. And Obama pretends they are Progressive!

When leaders can lie nations into war, find language inversions used to justify torture, re-engineer economies to ensure that the poor suffer more while the rich get richer, how hard is it to LIE straight-faced about global trade pacts?


“Corporations get a special channel of their own for enforcement of rules written by their representatives at the negotiating table. Labor, environment and other stakeholders don’t get that in TPP. This is how TPP will increase corporate power over governments and working people.”

That’s the classic design for a “race to the bottom,” in which nations are pitted against each other to see who can provide the weakest labor and environmental protections.

It’s a design!

Without the overwhelming influence of transnational corporate capital in the design process, we could very simply design a “race to the top,” in which nations are pitted against each other to see who can provide the strongest labor and environmental protections.

In general, such design elements are NEVER assessed in the mainstream corporate media as being design elements, but are treated as though they were part of the “natural” background of business competition, in which the “invisible hand” works through “natural” markets to create the best outcomes for all players.

The game is rigged, and the current fight over Fast Track, the TPP and the TTIP, is about creating a massive new escalation in the rigging of the game.


Power now resides with corporation because they are transnational. Nations are obviously not, although the United States would certainly like to be, and tries to to be through it’s 700 + military bases around the world. But sort of caught between systems it hasn’t won a war in a while.
The transnationals use the Nations now as their mouth peices like the Kings used the Popes for validation. That is the ground game it seems to me. And there is no question where the power lies.
But it is unsustainable, which means it can’t last. Which means the corporate Titans can bring the whole show down on all our heads or come up with an entirely new economic system of, perhaps, exchanges rather than the ‘free’ market, a democratic FED, and some beauty. We’re swamped with ugly at present.


Video: Richard Trumka and Reiner Hoffmann on TTIP

			Posted on April 30, 2015 by Marc			

			The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the 

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Washington organised an event on TTIP with the
President of the German trade union confederation DGB, Reiner Hoffmann,
and his US counterpart, Richard Trumka, the President of the AFL-CIO.
The event was moderated by Shawn Donnan, the World Trade Editor of the
Financial Times.
With TTIP controversies frequently in the news there is an urgent
need to better understand the issues at hand. You can watch the full
discussion below.
http://www.socialeurope.eu/2015/04/reiner-hoffmann-and-richard-trumpka-on-ttip/ - See more at: http://freembtranslations.net


Myths of Free Trade: Attac Refutes TTIP Arguments
TTIP and Ceta are far more than trade agreements. They help
strengthen the power of transnational corporations and weaken democratic
institutions. Attac promotes just trade instead of fair trade. Labor
rights, environmental standards and democracy must have prioirity over
one-sided trade interests. Attac does its utmost for political and
economic conditions that set distribution justice and quality of life
at the center, not blind growth at any price.
The TTIP agreement between the EU and the US creates a parallel
private arbitration system where corporations can sue states for lost
profits and decisions are irrevocable. Labor and environmental
regulations can be invalidated as “takings” or “indirect expropriation.”
Public interest laws can be chilled or invalidated as infringements of
the “human right to profit” of foreign investors.
Fast Track, TPP and TTIP Should Be Scrapped!
more at http://www.citizen.org, http://www.alternativetrademandate.org and http://www.openculture.com