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How Trend-riding Trump is Taking Credit for The Economy He Inherited


How Trend-riding Trump is Taking Credit for The Economy He Inherited

Jared Bernstein

President Trump inherited several positive economic trends, and no one should be surprised that he’s taking credit for them.

This is White House Economics 101: Though it is almost always undeserved, presidents take credit for good economies and try to blame others for bad ones. Putting that truism aside, let’s get under the economic hood and look at how great the U.S. economy really is right now. As always in expansions, there are strong spots and weak points.


The “strength of the economy” ? WHAT strength? it is only working for the 1 percent and this just as true now under Trump as it was under Obama.

This is “I live in an ivory tower and it going real good for me” stuff. Stop presenting the cherry picked numbers to demonstrate an economies strength and start counting the number of peoples that are homeless or that are struggling paycheck to paycheck. They could not care less what those graphs show.


This statement by you, Mr. Bernstein, is a balled face lie “As we close in on full employment”.

Look at the labor participation rate, which is on par for the late 70’s, it’s that bad. Nearly 1/3rd of working age adults are not counted in the unemployment numbers. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is, well (self censored to be PC on this site). But, don’t lie to people. Unemployment is a lot higher than 3. what ever percent.

But, looking at Obama’s record, the so called recovery 1.) is the weakest since WWII, and 2.) most of the gains have gone to the top 10% of income earners, while he bailed out the criminals that crashed our economy, with plenty of help by the Democrats, who are the ones that repealed Glass-Stegall, and didn’t prosecute any of the criminal bankers.


I doubt that 20 hours at Walmart and food stamps is going to float Mister Trump’s credit needs too well or too long.

Maybe it’s time to worry about something other than who gets the credit, like maybe why no one has bothered to attempt to resolve income inequality.


When’s the last time you heard a Democrat or Republican say the words " Income Inequality? "

You won’t.

They both are responsible for it and are living “high on the hog” because of it.


Trump is a con artist. He takes credit for everything good or everything that can be spun as good. Obama’s pathetic top down recovery is low hanging fruit for DT. Rather than complain about it The Dems need to assert it is moving trillions to the few and keeping the 99 % down. Simple message.