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How Trump And The GOP’s SCOTUS Screw Workers


How Trump And The GOP’s SCOTUS Screw Workers

Richard Eskow

Many have observed, correctly, that the Supreme Court’s recent 5 to 4 decision upholding forced arbitration for employees is a “devastating blow” to the rights of working people.


Is $15 an hour a living wage anymore? I don’t think so in most vibrant cities across the country.

We’ve been here before in the late 1800 and early 1900, called the Gilded Age where the Robber Barons (now called repulicans with blue dog dems) were in charge of our country. We’ve over the last 40 years drifted back to intolerable times for many but the glitter of entertainment so called news and shows we hardly see the forest thru the trees.


Its not just Obama’s SCOTUS nominee that the GOP stalled until the clock ran out. Judicial appointments at all levels of Federal Courts were stalled and are now being filled with young right wing judges, many of whom will still be on the bench in 2060.


It astounds me how the majority of Americans live in a manufactured reality completely devoid of substance or fact.


The oppression has barely begun my friends. What you thought was freedom was merely an illusion. The jackboots are ready and willing and the liars and deceivers are lined up and ready to take advantage of your ignorance of the truth as you will inevitably discover.


Don’t worry the country will break up long before then. Collapse or severe totalitarian control are your only two choices now.


They are using the fake rights given to corporations by the Supreme Court to block human rights given the people by the constitution.


It’s probably closer to $25/hr, at least here in California. A friend of mine gave me a powerful example by repeating to me a conversation he had with another friend who was struggling (like he was). This was a the Habit, a burger restaurant that’s been around since at least the 70’s.

Rob (to me): See that sign behind me, that’s the old menu from the 70’s. When Lisa was asking me why things were so much easier for her parents than it is for us, this is what I told her:

Rob (to Lisa): Do you see there on the old menu when burgers were $0.35? How much is a burger now?
Lisa: $3.75.
Rob: So the cost of a burger has gone up more than 10 times in the last 40 years. Back in the 70’s, the minimum wage was about $2.50 an hour. In order for pay to keep pace, the minimum wage should be $25/hr today. How much do you make?
Lisa: $22/hr.
Rob: See, that’s why we’re struggling. That’s why we can’t get ahead.

I’ve known this to be true for some time now, but the way he worded it had a much deeper impact than anyway I’ve ever worded it. I now use that as my default explanation for why everyone’s been left behind.

Edit: This is to note that the names above are not their actual names.


I think this author’s expectations for a progressive political takeover of government at all levels is optimistic at best. Historically, it hasn’t happened (and frankly, the founders planned it that way) and probably will never happen until the political system itself is different. I will reserve further judgement until after the primaries, but I suspect this so called “blue wave” the Dems and other progressives are hoping for won’t happen.


Discussing that here in 2016 was pushing “fear voting” though.


There is a third albeit more difficult one: a hopefully nonviolent revolution to overthrow the current 1% Constitution and institute one that reflects the will and needs of the rest of us in a truly representative democracy. I know that will be hard to do. But after the impending and recurring world wide implosion of Parasitic Capitalism it will be quite possible with just a little work and a lot of the right leadership - Us!


Or the substance and facts that they have to deal with are about how to support and educate their children, get them healthcare all on subsistence wages generally through a single income in an economy that takes three to five subsistence incomes just to keep the wolves from the hovel’s door. It is the substance and facts of those kinds of realities that keep the powerful, very few in power over the rest of us by design. So before we write off our fellow citizens en mass let us remember that but for the grace of the gods of the slot machines of life there goes but you and I.


There were no rights given to the people under the 1% Constitution. All of the rights given were written by the 1% for the 1% and never intended for the average citizen. All one has to do is look at the statistics of who could vote at the time the Constitution was ratified - white male property owners which by and large were owners of estate sized agriculture acreage and owners of small farms whose interests generally aligned with those of large agriculture interests. Even industrial owners of textiles, etc., were generally owners of large tracts of agriculture acreage as well. In the cities and villages businessmen generally owned their stores, etc and other real estate. Of course to own real estate one had to be white and male! To vote one had to be a white, male property owner. So the Constitution was written for the select few and the enforcement for the select few has not changed much since its ratification. To think otherwise is an exercise in delusion. Yeah, occasionally the Congress or SCOTUS may let out a fartus bloviating or two to make us think that they are on our side but that is just a sulfuric laden fake smell of rose wafting past our nostrils deadened by all of the fake history we were taught in school.


There were ten original amendments. The first being the most important followed by the fourth. Check them out, they do not limit anyone.


I’m in:)


I would argue that the overwhelming cause of the oppression of the masses throughout history has been the ignorance and narrow mindedness of the average citizen. Most of history that was simply unavoidable since the peasants had no access to information or education. But in America everybody has access to the information of the world. They are at worst only a public library away from all the information they could ever need.

I understand the social programming that we get spoon fed from birth…and continued through all our lives is a tough one to crack. But then again…It really should be obvious even to the most ignorant at least who their true enemies are. It is not like they hide it anymore…it is all done right out in the open.

Until the masses figure out the basics and stops letting itself be used and abused…absolutely nothing is going to stop this slide into Orwellian Despotism. I figured it out and I am no genius…is it too much to expect others to do it too? The ignorance in America today is enough to drown in…_


I think most people are aware of it on some level. They’re just unaware of, or afraid of the ramifications. And because everyone is afraid of talking to each other, they think they’re alone. It’s one thing to know bits and pieces here and there, it’s quite another to put it all together and truly understand the depth and scope of the deception. And when someone points it out, they’ll spend a moment on it but will retreat into something “safe.” It’s like people who have discovered the conflict between their religion and science, they feel as if a chasm has opened up beneath them and their world as they’ve known it has ended. Most refuse to acknowledge it and retreat, ignoring or pushing aside that awareness.


Well written. I agree.