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How Trump Broke America: A Story of Unparalleled Economic Pain and Human Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/31/how-trump-broke-america-story-unparalleled-economic-pain-and-human-death


“Trump has broken America”
And Obama helped!


I think CDers should share 9+9+9 moments of silence for the late Herman Cain. He is now the perfect metaphor for Trump’s Republican Party. God care for him as he serves up big, doughy slices of pie in the sky, forever and ever, bye, bye. We should certainly honor Mr. Cain’s sacrifices for the sake of defending individual liberty, conservative black business entrepreneurship and speaking out in general. For using coupons and home delivery services during pandemics and Trump rallies…ah, er, or not. And will we ever be able to forget Herman’s last jingle " Ducky mucky plucky, If you went to Trump’s rally in Tulsa without a mask, you were one real dumb fucky. "
It was catchy then, it’s still catchy now and if the Trumpster Gang of Kooks and Hucksters, plus fools and enablers aren’t brought to heel, Americans will be catching it for the foreseeable and dismal future.
Adios, Herman. Go with god, common sense, coupons and a good mask next time. Or, just use home delivery. It’s worth the wait. Trust me on this.


trump was the straw that broke America if that analogy should even be used; we are not broken, only enslaved by greed and self-interest of Vulture Capitalism and great wealth in few hands, all empowered by the political “class” and corruption. The foundations for the “break” is all the corruption, police/military state wars, foreign and domestic, environmental contempt, and breakage of the promise of our institutions by wealth, laid over decades by both parties, each vying for corporate and individual cash bribes to finance their political campaigns; a mechanism of political and social control that was designed to serve corruption and great wealth, NOT the public or Common Good, only common greed! Both parties are frauds and liars betraying the public trust for personal and client profit!

I looked-up “arrogant stupidity” in my Funk & Wagnalls and there was the same photo of the idiot Herman Cain in Tulsa there - now dead idiot, go figure!


Concurrent with the US’ 33% second quarter dip, Germany and other nations that proactively managed COVID-19, rather than applying GOP shock doctrine management, experienced only 10-12% dips. Fascists have known since Goebbels’ time that their cults are more easily manipulated during a crisis.

To honor Cain’s arrogance we all need to request that our local DJs air Neil Young’s epic 1969 song THE LAST TRIP TO TULSA !

“If you ever need a ride there be sure to let me know”


"Trump has broken America."

But has he really or has he just put a spot-light on the “starving the government so that it can be drowned in a bathtub, trickle down, pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality/bill of good that Americans have been sold for the last 40+ years? No, I’m not a fan nor am I making excuses for the orange one, I am really point out that:

  1. Americans have allowed themselves to become dumbed down.
  2. Americans have been distracted by “celebrity/money/reality shows”.
  3. Bigotry and “blaming other” have been the goto GOP tools for decades.
  4. Not just blaming republiCons, democrats have collaborated in their effort to win voters.
  5. Democracy IS A VERB! Stop sitting on the sidelines!

Biden has told Wall Street that under him nothing will fundamentally change.

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I can’t stop thinking it is not just Trump. A big part of the problem is Fox News. Maybe that is the same thing - that really Trump is just a piece of Fox News’ big megaphone, but there it is.

We can vote Trump out, but what can we possibly do about Fox News?


I know it’s oxymoronic but I keep trying to figure out the Republican “brain”.

tRump, always so concerned with his image - especially when it involves his business acumen - will be in the history books for presiding over the worst U.S. economic downturn ever. Unemployment when Obama left office was around 5%. When tRump is thrown out of office it will be north of 30%. Did he even think of this?

Also, why don’t Republican senators impeach him right now.? They’ve nothing to lose as he’s gone in a few months anyway. If he hangs on until November, he will certainly drag the rest of the GOP ticket down with him. Did they even think of this?


Trump merely pulled the curtain down… America was already broken.


Broken it? Trump is like a ham-fisted stress test that has revealed, exploited and exasperated the already existing breaks.

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FauxNews has claimed publicly & before Congress that they are “entertainment” & that their viewers don’t expect to hear the truth. So, maybe they should drop the word “news” from any connection to Fox.
Then viewers have no excuse for believing the absolute shit they see & hear on there!


Until it crumbled to the ground.
And now he & his cohorts want to finish the job by giving Trump the dictatorship he longs for. He does not want the work that goes eith the title, just the Title.

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Think of this? Refer to the oxymoron

trump and his AG lap-dog Barr are scheming till their eyes bug-out to continue the breaking of America, with help from SARS CoV-2.

trump’s comments about “delaying the election” are a trial-balloon, fetid hot-air filled, but, they are doing everything possible to sabotage and make difficult or and dangerous for millions the coming “elections”.- that in itself is a crime against the nation.

trumps and comments by his legal lap-dog and other pompous lackey on a “delay” were roundly, accurately, and succinctly attacked by Seth Meyers.

“the craven husks around Trump are already laying the groundwork for Trump to do exactly what he wants to do, law be damned”.

"For example, the attorney general, William Barr, was asked at a congressional hearing this week whether the president had the power to move an election. It’s “as straightforward a legal question as you could possibly get”, said Meyers, yet Barr treated the matter as a mystery, saying he had “never looked into it”. The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, when asked the same question at a separate hearing by Senator Tim Kaine on Thursday, said the department of justice “will make that legal determination”.- “No, they won’t,” Meyers retorted. “It’s in the constitution and federal law – it’s as clear as it could it possibly be.” - Meyers spells it out!

Why is it all too-often left to citizens and non-governmental individuals or groups to point-out and oppose the lies, crimes, outrages, and unconstitutional blather by the idiot-child president and his malignant ego, when the task rightly falls to elected guardians (guffaw!) and “opposition party” (again!) to defend the republic and constitution from emperor trump and his minions (as well as those that laid the groundwork for him) ?


I like Juan Cole, when he’s reporting on international affairs. But, I am sick to death of writers who continue to ‘define the problem and its causes’ without a word spent detailing ways of changing it! Maybe it’s just me, but I guess Writers gotta write, no matter if they have an original thought in their head. Spare me.

I love that final slogan for Cain! A true keeper, there. As for his product, I’m a purist when it comes to pizza. It was born around the poorest areas of Napoli, in the cucina povera. Before the Columbian Excange, it was the millenia old flatbread, enhanced by as much olive oil as a family could affoird. The Pomodoro from the New World added zest to the diet of the poor. Therefore, to me…pizza is the ancient flatbread baked in a wood fired oven, with sun-ripened tomatoes and olive oil. Yes, I’ll accept a clove or two of garlic and a sprig or two of basil.
The processed chain store glop pushed by Cain is a reflection of American politics. Has no resemblance to the real deal except a bunch of people gathered together saying they’re trying to solve our problems.
And I am so stealing that Ducky Mucky plucky, If you went to Trump’s rally in Tulsa…with your permission, of course.

Steal away!

America was broken the day Ronald Reagan was elected.

And it was demolished when the d-party completely adopted Reagan’s ideology.

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And it is up to US as citizens to vote better people into office - people that actually WORK for US. And it is up to US as citizens to push back! Being a citizen in this nation should now be declared a VERB!