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How Trump Budget Would Hurt Older Americans


How Trump Budget Would Hurt Older Americans

Kathleen Romig

President Trump’s 2018 budget wouldn’t just hurt people with disabilities, as we’ve explained, but older Americans as well. During the campaign, Trump repeatedly promised not to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, which serve tens of millions of seniors.


Although we are being told that Trump’s budget doesn’t cut Medicare, the Trumpdon’tcare program Congresional GOP operatives want to replace the ACA with will defund Medicare by $350 billion, providing Speaker Ryan the opportunity (that he has been waiting two decades for) to tell us Medicare is unsustainable and needs to be gutted.

Although not immediately “cutting Medicare”, Trump’s budget does set the program up like a bowling pin to be knocked down when the time is right.


In the state I am (AK)in and the generation I am in(boomer) the majority support Trump and his policies at this time. I cannot change their ignorance or petty greed. AK whites are a lot like Montana whites who vote for bully politicians. Generally Christian, hunters, corporate food consumers, get my own for me and mine culture. Intellects are the enemy of these ignorant people and violence their answer. I believe Karma and Mother Nature will work her magic on these deluded people and it will not be pretty…