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How Trump Can Change the Rules for Ultra-Wealthy Cabinet Conflicts


How Trump Can Change the Rules for Ultra-Wealthy Cabinet Conflicts

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

One hundred million dollar wavers? Presidential pardons? With yet another billionaire appointed to a key position within the Donald Trump administration, speculations abound about what the president-elect intends to do about his cabinet's unprecedented wealth—and unprecedented conflicts.


Gingrich said Congress should consider changing the rules? What rules? With the new fascist,demagogue-in-chief why have any rules, Trump will just ignore them anyway!


ETHICS ...used in the same sentence with ANY of these names? There is not a scintilla of integrity among them. A more brutal, dangerous, ill-suited, unprepared, avaricious group that will surely drag our nation into Hell on Earth could not have been compiled by Satan himself. May they prey on each other leaving only shadows and dust.


Ethics Concerns?
How can you have "Ethics Concerns" when you have absolutely no Ethics?

The "Business of America is Business" has never been more true than with the election of Donald Trump.
And the global Corporations and Corporate "Leadership" have no Ethics, so why should the Presidential Business be any different?


How about asking for a pardon for Leonard Peltier?


The pro-Putin so-called progressive crowd will show up soon whining about how the Clintons were much worse.


As unethical as these picks are, Hillary's would have been even less ethical. She would have started a nuclear war with me main man Vladimir.


Rules Congress can change for him anytime anything comes up. Like a dictator, no rules, just power. We've seen in Wisconsin how Walker just gets the buddies to change the rules if they get in his way. Trump will have way more power than Walker. We may be watching the end of presidential elections and the take over of the corporations, just like they've always wanted. Trump must be forced to show taxes and divest before taking office or he doesn't get in. Once he's in there will be no stopping what he can do.
The T.V. series "Incorporated" is a good idea what we will be living under. Horrifying.


Much Ado about Nothing.........

This precedent has already been firmly entrenched by VP Cheney and Halliburton.

Wine and Dine whilst you start endless war to enrich your personal fortune.

Then move ops to Dubai before its too late.

No Extraditions...Ta Ta


Please Trump has enough Trolls already


Wasn't that a trip? Speaking of integrity...those poseurs were vile, were they not?


I'm afraid you may have missed the context of my post, and therefore missed the punchline.


America for sale or rent, States are just fifty P###ies to Grope.
No Morals, no ethics, no regrets, I ain't got no suffragettes
Ah, but, two hours of pushin' Bull
Buys a Five foot twelve, four-bit congressman
I'm a man of means by all means, king of the Toads.
Third paragraph, midnight Legislation, destination, Bangor, Maine.
Old worn out prejudices and Ideas,
I don't allow no union dues,
I appoint old bigots I have found, short, but not too big around
I'm a man of means by no means, king of the Toads.
I know every Lobbiest on every Bill
All of their children, and all of their names
And every Bigot in every town
And every teat that ain't squeezed, when no one's around.
I sing, America for sale or rent, States are just fifty P###ies to Grope.
No Morals, no ethics, no regrets, I ain't got no suffragettes


At the risk of coming off as a total rube I'm gonna suggest that if any one or all of these fatcats do not want to play by the rules laid down two hundred and forty years ago then they can go to another sandbox to fool around. It would be Newt the Slimey to try to change the rules when they become needed. There is a reason that they are there and it protects us from shysters. Only shysters would balk at them. Human nature hasn't changed one whit and if anything they are needed now more than ever.


Don't give up your day job.


Pardon my plutocracy


Roger Miller just put on Trump Rollerskates and glided through a congress of buffalo turds. A grouping of Trump turds he's personally hand selected. Similar to a U.S. Army's small arms inspection, only with small hands, too. Like his Trump Steaks, Trump Ties and Trump Tweets; they're for small minded men who put big Trump Cigars in their mouths and suck really hard, for Trump Bucks, of course. Oh, pardon me, my achin' arse.


And hired clowns to serve state dinners while her guests smoked goofleaf-filled cigars, right? It's like folks just want to delude themselves into thinking Trump isn't surrounding himself with people who should never be near the White House.

You were just kidding, right?


Not to worry, I haven't. Truth be told, I'm not looking to earn an income from my shoddy attempts at comedy. Perhaps it was wrong of me to try to inject some humor into this morose thread. I'm sure I'd be far better off being miserable to complete strangers instead. Seems par for the course around these parts lately.

Happy Holidays, namora, and all the best in 2017!


Clowns serving dinner? A marvelous idea. I'm sure Trump will have clowns at the State dinners as well, he'd be a fool not to. He's already surrounded by clowns so it's a natural next step.

I was indeed kidding. I was making light of the comment just before mine.