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How Trump Can Help Working-Class Americans: Keep Funding Planned Parenthood


How Trump Can Help Working-Class Americans: Keep Funding Planned Parenthood

Carla Hall

Can Congress stop harassing Planned Parenthood? That would be my wish for the new year. Unfortunately, the harassment may increase in a Trump administration. But it doesn’t have to. It is within President-elect Donald Trump’s power to put a stop to it.


Less family planning results in more poor people who are loved by politicians because most of them don’t vote and they are desperate so they work for low wages.


tRump has no intention of helping Working-class people. He likes us better as slaves.



The working class are already among the more fortunate today. Out here in the real world, not everyone is able to work (health, etc.) and there aren’t jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s. The last I heard, there are 7 jobs for every 10 jobless people who still have the means to pursue one (home address, phone, etc.). In other words, we have built up an abundant surplus of job-ready people who are desperate for any job at any wage – grateful for the chance to replace you for less than you are paid. There’s nothing to fall back on. I have a suspicion that Trump really isn’t interested in public opinion.

Now we watch as (in a nutshell) the rich do to the middle class what the middle class already did to the poor, and there isn’t a whole lot we can do about it. Everything always comes back to: We’d love to wage a revolution, but can’t risk losing our jobs.


There’s a big difference between the working class and the poor. An annual minimum wage income is listed at $15,080. We can contrast this with our former welfare aid, which came to $4k to $5k annual, and compare that to the $0 incomes of today’s jobless poor.


What a silly article…as if trump gave a crap about working-class people.


Yes, most do not vote then wonder why the gubmint “loves” them so much.


Minimum wage is hardly working class- it’s poverty.


I think he thinks he’s working class and never takes a vacation.


Working class? They are invisible.


Of course it’s a silly article!