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How Trump Could Avoid Another $7 Trillion Bill in Mideast: Back Off War With Iran

How Trump Could Avoid Another $7 Trillion Bill in Mideast: Back Off War With Iran

Juan Cole

If he is so concerned about wasted money in the Mideast, here's what he could do to stop the hemorrhaging of federal money: Stop rushing headlong into war with Iran.


“How Trump Could Avoid Another $7 Trillion Bill in Mideast: Back Off War With Iran” It doesn’t matter to Trump. He’s already taken steps to make sure that he and his buddies won’t have to pay for it!


Great thanks to Professor Cole for his dedication to justice and truth, especially re: Middle East issues.

If there was ever any doubt the current trump regime focus on fomenting war with Iran based on false and manufactured claims, was inspired by Israeli influence, the linked “Israel-Gate” essay should dispel any such doubt.

Israeli foreign agents in the US, the pro-Israel AIPAC lobby, and their treasonous Congressional and “evangelical” puppets, have openly subverted our politics and foreign policy, including the current deceptions about Iran - the evidence of Israeli meddling in US politics, elections, and subverting elected officials has been obvious and available for decades - as has “evangelical” mental illness…

The power of the pro-Israel at-any-cost lobby has been demonstrated time an time again, from Congress to the WH, but ignored and/or covered-up by Israeli power and pro-Israel shills and traitors that demonstrably hold first-loyalty to a foreign power! That overt influence and subversion of US foreign policy has never been as clear, or as dangerous, as with this Israeli lap-dog trump regime

evidence for the power of Israeli influence to manipulate our nations mechanisms and undermine our sovereignty has arguably never been as fully demonstrated as the cover-up by both Israel and the US government of the Israeli sneak attack on the USS Liberty!




One man’s bill is another man’s profit.

Why would Trump care if the 99% are stuck with many trillions of dollars more in war bills when he and his buddies increase their wealth with every new war and every expansion of war ?


Trump’s contradictory statements on Putin and Iran, which are typical of his statements, are further evidence that he hasn’t thought out foreign policy in the Middle East, or anywhere else for that matter. He simply does not think deep enough to be president. His thinking is at a purely superficial level which results in contradictions, sometimes even within the same sentence. Hillary Clinton helped put the coalition together that for the Iran agreement and Barack Obama played a major role in making it happen. Both of them are deep thinkers and have a good grasp of foreign policy. We are now stuck with what amounts to a fool in charge of foreign policy. The best hope is that Trump has some understanding of the consequences of going to war with Iran and just limits himself to stupid statements.

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I hope the debt collector comes before we are able to false flag a war with Iran, but probably not. The reality is that major holders of US debt might see an advantage in letting the US exhaust itself completely before moving in for the kill. Let the US throw it’s resources against the cliff while it exhausts its ability to borrow and sustain the false flag. This is nothing more than the last collapse of empire and it will follow all the death throes of virtually every other collapsing empire in history with one exception. None of the other empires were collapsing at a time when the the earth was no longer capable of sustainably supporting the major influence organism on the planet. This has all happened before, the only exception being that we might be the first species that was able to consciously recognize the problem and had the technology to address it. The fact that we decided not to is really no different than the amoeba deciding not to replicate.


Trump is mentally unstable. You can’t apply a logical scenario to his actions.


The insane duo in this photo seem determined to bite off much more than we can chew, and for NO good reason

Happy Christmas, everyone! My wish list consists of one thing: PEACE.

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He has much experience at not paying for things!

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Thank you, Emphyrio. Excellent post!


Juan, C’mon you know how it works. The zio media pushes Bibi’;s agenda, then the banksters aka the Fed, prints money and LOANS it to us at interest. More fiat currency, more interest. The sheeple pay more for less, inflation numbers are jiggled and the beat goes on. By the by Juan, what ever happened to the 2.3 trillion lost under Rabbi Dov Zacheim’s watch at the Pentagon ? Gee, never see anything in the NYT about it. What a surprise !

True, but lets word it correctly; a war with Iran would cost us the tax payers trillions of $$, but cui bono? A war with Iran would make trillions of $$$$$$$$ for the war profiteers!