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How Trump Is Threatening the Constitution

How Trump Is Threatening the Constitution

Andre Segura

A year ago, as the Republican Party was preparing to head to its convention in Cleveland to officially nominate Donald Trump for president, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issued an analysis of Trump's policy proposals.

Since Trump is an autocrat it is not surprising he is threatening the Constitution. He believes the ruler should be above the law. It was surprising to most people that Americans would elect Trump but that his because we lacked adequate data to understand who Americans are. A recent analysis of Google search date indicates that many more Americans are explicitly racist than was thought. Because people often lie on the surveys used to determine peoples attitudes on race our understanding of Americans was way off. Rather than being a post-racist society as many suggested after Obama was elected we are an extremely racist society, at least in our more rural areas. And the Google search data also does not provide any evidence to show this overt racism is linked to economics or to party affiliation. The racism appears to be based therefore on tribalism. When it came down to Trump vs Clinton people probably did not vote so much for Trump because he is an autocrat and prefers dictatorship but because he is clearly a racist and aligns his views with white supremacists of the alt-right. Bringing Steve Bannon into his campaign clearly indicated that if there was any doubt before Trump made that move. Clinton ran on racial tolerance and bringing all types of people together and did win the popular vote by a pretty wide margin but because the electoral college favors candidates who do well in smaller more rural states Trump managed to the win election.

Trump is threatening life as we know it merely by existing.


…the election of a man who is openly hostile to minorities, immigrants…

His wife – doesn’t she fall into these categories? Given his stance on women, I feel sorry for her, but not extremely so. I’m sure she married him for his money, though god knows, he’s certainly disgusting.


My sense is that the average American doesn’t care about the Constitution or, at the very least, takes it for granted.
Can remember years ago, a number of Americans were polled via a yes or no answer, as to certain provisions from the Bill of Rights (that were not identified as such to the participants). The majority of those polled said “no” to most of those provisions.