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How Trump Will Try to Win—or Steal—the Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/11/how-trump-will-try-win-or-steal-election

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Nothing would serve this nation better than to have Trump voted out of office, refuse to leave, and be dragged out by the Power of the Constitution! Then keel-hauled on the U.S.S. Constitution!


The people of the USA elected Trump to power. It was not Russia. They elected Trump to power because of the corrupt nature of the DNC and their “Go right” strategy which leaves nearly half the population refusing to vote. This has nothing to do with Russia.

The single largest reason Trump could win this thing is Joe Biden.

Russian meddling would be way at the bottom of the list of factors that could shape its outcome. It would be about 40 steps down from something like Israeli meddling.


Option #3 is underway right now (and has been for years) in the swing state of Wisconsin—



I can’t stand Trump as much as the next person, but I don’t buy the Russia Stole The Election narrative either. Our state election systems are corrupted with a combination of voter suppression tactics and election fraud (for example, machines) - ntm the unexciting two party corporate platforms -that swung narrow margins in swing states to Trump. They couldn’t even take blatant evidence of fraud up the ladder in the courts because the courts are corrupt, too, and the Democrats don’t care or they would fight it a lot harder (the Greens tried to fight it - Clinton only went along for a little ways to please her constituents- but then bailed and blamed the very people challenging the swing state results, i.e. Stein, instead - is that rational?).

The Democratic Party doesn’t even campaign there, though Biden (who I’m no fan of, but) to his credit, is already trying harder than Clinton (which, granted, still isn’t saying much).

It’s also absurd watching the Democratic Party talk about election rigging given what they have done to Bernie in the last two primaries, in which we have U.N. recognized evidence of election fraud.

What did Russia do? Russians, we are aware - distinct from the Russian government- took out ads and trolled in an effort to influence public opinion in the U.S. Newsflash: so do people in other nations. Are foreign governments involved? “Maybe” to all of the above. That’s all they have. Everyone wants to influence U.S. presidential elections. Meanwhile voters have brains - are they ever expected to use them? Oh no, because then they might throw both groups out of Congress, and pass things like single payer or a Green New Deal or expanded social security or canceling student debt and free public universities and a basic income and a more non interventionist foreign policy, etc.

I’d be a lot more concerned about the corporate interests affecting our political candidates (in addition to the voters’ brains), and, how both of the two major political parties and our corporate news media are involved in election rigging and fraud, and how it is next to impossible to get viable third party candidates, independent of even the Democrats into Congress without participating in an effort to elect the far right.

And, btw, you can thank the Democrats for making that scenario worse than ever before in U.S. history - not the Russians - Clinton and the DNC deliberately elevated the far right in 2016 - not the Russians. We have that information via imprisoned journalist Julian Assange, whose historic kangaroo court extradition case is currently taking place in the UK, yet where is the news coverage, Common Dreams editors? While the kangaroo court doesn’t even allow Amnesty observers in? While he hasn’t even been able to meet with his attorneys? This should be front page coverage right now, day after day - by jounalists.

Every time I listen to this Russia red baiting garbage, Im more determined not to vote for Biden who, Im understanding, also considers the multiple award winning Australian jounalist Julian Assange “a terrorist” - for what - for exposing war crimes, and in conjunction with the NY Times and the Guardian.


** 5th Option: Trump loses; Trump resigns; Pence pardons Trump.


Feffer has me wondering if Trump’s friend< Roger Stone, had the vote count in Wayne County (Detroit) adjusted for 24,000 votes.
The 2008 election had 12,000 third party votes for prez.
the 2016 had 36,000

He could easily have had operatives in NYC accomplish this. They would have worked through a series of ‘ON’ computors. The c-span hearing for Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin discussed attempted
entries into their states election data bases. FBI knew but would not tell the state officials anything other than the IPO of the intruder. Because the state people do not have security clearances!!

There is more.


Over the last week or so, I’ve been hearing a lot of liberal media going on and on about the “proof” that Putin is trying to interfere in US “democracy”. Below are a list of a just few pieces on the topic.


I’ve engaged with some of folk pushing this line, not to deny Russian disinformation, but to argue that it is inconsequential in comparison to Trump’s disinformation and Biden’s right-wing pandering. Even if one were to accept the ridiculous notion that Putin is pushing Chris Hedges articles into progressive social media feeds, in order to dissuade them from voting, the impact is orders of magnitude less than the impact of the Trump/Republican led closing of election stations, removal or postal sorting machines, and threats of armed guards at polling stations.

I response, I’ve gotten a deluge of venom. Everything from “how’s weather in Moscow?”, “Are you paid in dollars or Rubles?”, “What’s it like to be Putin’s bitch?”, to comments suggesting that I be sent to Guantanamo as a Traitor, and worse.

Trump is such as sihtshow that I think he is certain to lose. The only chance Trump has, is if Biden does a super human job of resurrecting the Trump campaign from the dead through his miserable center-right pandering and utter ineptitude.


The implication is that Bernie Sanders is a Socialist, he has some Socialist views and supports some Socialist policy (as does almost anyone who likes public highways, fire protection, airports, Social Security, 911 service etc), but I think he fits the definition of a Social Democrat more closely than a pure Socialist.


Now, if there were more than a dime’s worth of difference between the two POSs on matters military (and Joe Dough just mused about increasing their lucre)

Don’t you have to wonder just how “honorably” the Pentagon would act under such a scenario?

Assange, more than many, has reason to want Trump to win. If Trump wins, Assange, for all his lies, and a wee bit of truth now and then, will be a free man, as Trump will pardon him in a heartbeat. Sure, Assange exposed some war crimes, because that made him a name to be feared. What he hasn’t revealed is how much other information has come his way that would put the Republicans, and Trump in particular, in one hell of a bind.

No Mention of the Electoral College going rogue again!?

To me, this seems the biggest Threat, certainly not “the Russians!” although AmEx main frame was invaded hacked twice and I’ve had to get a new account and be mailed a new card twice in 12 months. So I am worried about computer hacking.

I’ve read that if all States don’t by law require their State’s Electors to vote as told, again we could have Electors voting their will or bribe.

Wish we had eliminated the Electoral College already, but as others have Commented, the Dems have become too center right to offer a true ‘opposition party’ in a limited 2 party system.

I pray it is a peaceful nonviolent legal transfer of power after 40+ years of Republicans boosting for the rich 1% and unpatriotic multinationals instead of ‘the People’.


The only “good” thing Trump could do is to incite a revolution. It is the only way to change the horrible situation the US and the world is in today. Change has to come from the American people themselves, from the grassroots and by the looks of it America is already heading that way.
It’s not only good for America, it’s good for the whole world. A lot of dirt will be revealed. 9/11 and all the other lies will change the world and an end to the endless wars that is kiling millions.of people all over the world, far more than Covid 19.

No doubt about it in my mind! That is why on another thread I called Biden: " the second most dangerous man in American, history."

I’m convinced that all the anti-biden sentiment on here IS some sort of meddling by trump trolls (although they may not consider themselves trump trolls). I don’t like biden either but anyone with any common sense and decency at all can see that he is who we have to vote for if we want to save what little good is left in this country. If trump wins again say goodbye to Social Security, the environment and endangered species, the Postal Service - the list goes on and on. Have you anti-biden people been asleep for the last 3 1/2 or so years?

Were you pro biden guys asleep the 8 years of the Obama presidency and the 8 years of Clinton? They did nothing for the environment, for the Post office , for univesral health care, for the working poor. All they did. much like Trump is make the one percent richer.

When Obama boasted he was the best Friend the Oil and Gas industry ever had, he was hardly concerned about the environment and when he bailed out the bankers with trillions of dollars he was not concerned about the people thrown form their homes. When he expanded his wars to 7 countries he was not concerned about all the people he was killing abroad.

Pointing these facts out hardly means that Trump is better.

As far as troll hunting goes it is interesting to see when the commenter joined. Not that it proves anything but it does raise suspicion in my mind if it is very recent.

If Trump wanted to pardon Assange, he would have done so. Instead, his administration and people have gone after him more aggressively than his predecessors. I believe he even said he’d have him executed if it were up to him.

When Trump won, I knew Assange’s days in the Embassy were numbered - and especially with the Ecuador elections following suit with the U.S. outcome. Sure enough, when a new president was elected in sync with the U.S., it was. While we also see similarly with the behavior in Britain, election-wise and with the courts, running along in conjunction with Trump - and with his lapdog in Boris Johnson vs. Jeremy Corbyn, and if he had gone in, instead.

Obama’s admininstration didn’t want to pursue this because their attorneys said it was unconstitutional, and that no one was harmed as a result of the material released.

That doesn’t mean the next batch of Democrats would be any better on this than Trump. My guess is that Trump’s ball would keep rolling and the Democrats (i.e. Biden) would just step aside and let it happen. After all, their “best” is still some lame “Bad Actor” narrative. Many of their own people have talked openly about having Assange assassinated, and they won’t even acknowledge that he’s an internationally recognized and award winning journalist and publisher.

“All his lies?” Wikileaks has never published anything that’s not true - and I, personally, have never heard Assange say something shown to be untrue. He’s being persecuted for the exact opposite - for telling the truth about war crimes. Well, reporting war crimes isn’t the crime, but we can certainly see why both the GOP (and Trump) and Democrats (and Biden) would have a problem with that.

I’m not up on all the stuff about Roger Stone, myself - but I’ve read that high schoolers could even hack into our elections. We need what every other nation has the common sense to stick with - publicly hand counted paper ballots. And how about automatic voter registration with the “option” to opt out, instead of the “option” to register?

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If anyone thinks Trump needs to “try” or “steal” to win you are deeply out of touch with the American public and need to get out of your leftist echo chambers. All Trump has to do to win is let Biden speak and PedoJoe will finish himself off just fine. Trump’s policy record is rock solid over the last four years. He’s built the wall a promised, extended the hand of diplomacy with NK where there have been no further nuke or missile tests, he’s negotiated better trade and military alliance deals for the US and told Europe they need to pull their weight on their own defense. His de regulation and pro-free enterprise policies have stoked the economy to record highs even with the covid sham…what’s not to like other than he is an uncouth New Yorker? Biden hasn’t done 1% of what Trump has in his whole 50 year career of bilking the taxpayer.