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How U.S. Interventions Dismembered the Middle East


How U.S. Interventions Dismembered the Middle East

Adil E. Shamoo

For the last few decades in the Middle East, the policy of western powers — led by the United States — has been to ensure the flow of oil; maintain stable and secure allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States, Egypt, and Israel; and maintain military and economic influence when needed. Usually these ends were met through economic or military-to-military partnerships.

After September 11, however — with a big push from the neoconservatives — U.S. policy toward the Middle East lurched toward overt military intervention, such as the one in Iraq in 2003.


DAMN IT! This is planned. Oded Yinon, Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard", The Project for a New American Century", etc. Journalism needs to abdicate the "unfolding of events" narrative and recognize that this shit is planned. To stop the shit stop the planners. It is that simple and that DIFFICULT!


Spot on Wise Owl. I'm sick and tired of seeing the term "neocons." NAME the NAMES; and the inner workings of the Israeli dominated US foreign policy.


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It would have been far better, in 1918, to have left the Ottoman Empire as it was, and the oil undiscovered... :confused: