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How Unions Fight Inequality and Strengthen Democracy


How Unions Fight Inequality and Strengthen Democracy

Richard Eskow

A new study from the International Monetary Fund concludes that unions reduce inequality and foster a healthier economy for everyone, mainly by preventing the wealthiest among us from keeping the fruits of a collaboratively created prosperity for themselves.

The IMF study shows that a reinvigorated labor movement is essential to both a just economy and a well-functioning democracy. It deserves widespread attention – and should inspire concerted action.

Unionization Matters


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The unions are very important for our middle class to grow. They, now, have no representation from either party. The Democrats used to be a labor party. Since Bill Clinton became President, the Democratic party has become closer and closer to the Republican Party, and is 95% controlled by their rich donors. We need a Labor Party to represent the 99%. The corporations are outsourcing our jobs, and the new TPP trade deal will cost us at least 20 million more jobs, outsourced across our borders. Obama kept the text of the TPP SECRET over a year and pushed the Democrats to join the Republicans to pass Fast Track of the TPP so Congress cannnot change any part to this huge gift to our rich corporations. Visit my web site www.BoldThoughts.org and learn how to create an American Labor Party and have this Labor Party help Bernie Sanders bring our dreams to reality. Howard M Greenebaum