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How US Diplomatic Strategy Gave Netanyahu Leverage


How US Diplomatic Strategy Gave Netanyahu Leverage

Gareth Porter

The latest public spat between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government centres on Israeli leaks of details of the US negotiating position in the Iran nuclear talks and the US consequently reducing its consultation with Israel on the talks.


Let’s do some math here. How many Persian relics are there in international museums? How many American relics? How many Israeli relics?


The irony in this situation, therefore, is that Obama’s own diplomatic gamesmanship, aimed at gaining the upper hand over Iran, has in the end handed Netanyahu, whose demands on Iran he rejected decisively in 2012, a new and powerful form of leverage on US Iran policy.

This claim is rather silly. Netanyahu’s leverage over US politics is unrelated to anything that Obama may do or has done. Israel’s intransigence on this issue is likewise unaffected by whatever decision Obama - or any other US politician - makes with regard to Iran.