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How Us Media Manipulates Iran’s Nuclear Program Into a Sinister Myth

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/how-us-media-manipulates-irans-nuclear-program-sinister-myth

It’s time to face the fact that all of our media are becoming more tabloid like than news delivery systems. I have noticed that even some of my favourite independents are also starting with the speculative headlines. That “will he” “won’t she” type stuff that is just a lot of bloviating about nothing. In Canada this week it was the Canadian trumpist wannabe O’foole claiming that “Canada is at the back of the bus for vaccines” and “We, We, We, scandal, scandal, scandal. blah blah, blah” Neither of those things are remotely true, including the supposed We Charity scandal. But, of course our papers printed it in true Enquire style.

It’s time to stop the nonsense - it leads to severe discord within the populations of countries where media make the headlines questions rather than statements. For anyone who is unable to parse the truth from the question then becomes free to create their own answers that ultimately lead to conspiracy theories that the media must investigate in some sort of perverted circular journalism. This is madness and we have seen how things turn out in a number of countries but even on a larger scale in the United States at present.

If the news isn’t black and white, but shades of grey, it’s okay. Most people can deal with a certain amount of ambiguity if they know that more details will be forthcoming. But in our present day media, by the time more is known as regards the news, it’s long gone from the pages of the newspapers/internet and on to a new story to disturb the masses with. Act like real journalists and if necessary, start your own outlet to go around the corporate media control while pointing out that the media censored you and the news you have investigated thoroughly. Say it loudly and boldly if you know you have the truth. There are no alternative facts - what is true is solid and withstands the brutish buffeting that usually accompanies pure truth.

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The article reminds me of Noam Chomsky’s manufacturing consent. The Fourth Estate has gotten away with it’s deceit for far too long.

Henry A. Wallace the 33rd vice president of the of the U.S. wrote this a long time ago:
" The American Fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. How best to present the news to deceive the public."


Even the author omits the reason “Iran has increased its stockpile of (low) enriched uranium”.
This is due to the increased sanctions the US put on Iran. They are unable to export the uranium as was part of the plan until the US tore up the agreement.

Iran has not violated any law or any agreement. It is the Anglo empire that has been harassing this country for a good 100 years.


The manipulating of “Iran’s Nuclear Program into a Sinister Myth” is being done by Israel with the complicity of the US and the quisling media here. With perhaps the most efficient intelligence agency in the world, Mossad, and for its size the best army – nuclear weapons too, the Israelis are also world class propagandists. Were Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, Israel, already neurotic and paranoid could not live with the insecurity. Please keep on supporting BDS and the rights of the Palestinian people.


The problem isn’t nuance, nor bias, the problem is in accepting that capitalistic corporatist produced “news” isn’t about facts, it is about composing a narrative that attracts and keeps viewing audiences watching the commercials, and the advertisers paying for those commercial spots. The current quality and character of “news coverage” exactly fits the tolerances and preferences of the average audience watching their productions. The only thing that will force providers to change, are changes in their bottom lines. All the lamentations and anger thrown at them don’t matter, cut into their profits and they become much more attentive, if not generally more helpful.