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How US Sanctions are Hurting Iran: A Firsthand Report


How US Sanctions are Hurting Iran: A Firsthand Report

Medea Benjamin

On a recent delegation to Iran, we experienced first-hand the legendary Iranian hospitality. Iranians are particularly thrilled to meet Americans, but as we discovered, our government’s policies are hurting the very people who want to be our friends.

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Sanctions imposed on a whole nation share all the characteristics of siege warfare such as blurring the distinction between the battlefield and by-standers, engulfing civilians in the violence of war through the destruction of society’s infrastructure. Those who defend sanctions share the same belief as a kidnapper who refuses food and water to his victim because the victim’s family declines to pay the ransom demand. The siege tactic deliberately targets a civilian population with fatal consequences by withholding supplies and starving them yet it is a form of warfare which is considered legal and acceptable.

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Dear American Government—wait—scratch that----FU American government — your own PR which YOU write says you are the “Greatest nation on Earth…” yawn—you have no HUMANITY, nor any SOUL, nor a HEART Israel wants to punish Iran—so you, American government will go along with them and all the bizarre Americans who dream of blowing people up all over the world?
After seeing all the lies with Venezuela, I am mazed that anyone in the U.S, wants to go to war again—with a nation that did not attack us, and hello Israelis— there is a huge population of Jewish people in Iran----who are NOT trying to move to Israel! We are not creating a "more perfect union, " but a dysfunctional one —and more war = more terror upon all life on the planet.
BUT after reading of Trump’ plans to cut social services and health and social security and give even more money to the military------ I am wondering when his hamburger heart attack is coming— and then Pence will bomb Jerusalem because he thinks Jesus is really coming back when Jerusalem falls. Actually, America is the one that is falling----but what can I say, “Insanity is our most important product.” :

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The US so-called democratic government is currently doing more to cause humanitarian crises than to alleviate them. Our new Democratic Congress should present legislation that would outlaw sanctions. We did not give birth to the other countries of the world and it is not our responsibility to punish them.

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I wish I’d written that! Of course, as we have seen this past week with Ilhan Omar, telling the truth in this country is a much greater no-no than telling us lies! We have a huge enterprise which we pay for with our taxes, known as ‘the government’ which is devoted to keeping us ignorant and pacified so it can go around the world doing whatever it wants while we work away day after day to provide the income for the government to do its dirty work!