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How US Sanctions Have Contributed to the 50K Dead of Coronavirus In Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/11/how-us-sanctions-have-contributed-50k-dead-coronavirus-iran

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With factual evidence like this, why hasn’t a drone been sent to take care of the murderers?

This process of killing people en masse via sanctions and the like dates back to the first days of the United States of America. It is how they wage war and it how they commit genocide.

George Washington was known as “the destroyer of towns”. He used to avoid military encounters with the Tribes and instead attack and burn their villages and food supplies so as to starve the people to death.

The US Government deliberately hunted the Bison to extinction this to starve out the poeples of the plains and force them into compliance.

In the Philippines the US army was losing the fight on the ground so took to burning rice crops and food supplies so as to ensure the people resisting them surrendered.

They did this in North Korea, they did this in Vietnam. They did this against Iraq (500000 dead children was "worth it). This their strategy in Yemen (The US provides targeting information to the Saudi air force and the Saudi’s attack food supplies). They do this against Venezuela (A number much higher then 50000 have died as a result of US sanctions). They do this against Iran.

Total it all up and the number that have died to such US tactics, the majority of them women and children, numbers into the many millions.

This is how they do business and mass murder is their business.


This suffering is being inflicted on Iran is to benefit Israel and to the lesser extent Saudi Arabia, not the United States.

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This distracting tendency to make it look as if Trump is behaving in a rogue manner is revealed

as the misinterpretation it is when one considers the FACT that

in December 2016 - right after the election - the congress passed a bill violating the JCPOA

and extended sanctions for 10 more years. This passed the house 416 to 1 and it passed the

senate 99 to 0.

This was a message to Trump which showed that the congress was ready to destroy the

JCPOA and to continue to cripple the people of Iran.

All of the vile things Trump has done toward Iran were almost unanimously encouraged by

both houses of the congress

before he took office.

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Hi Swagman:

sigh------ and both Israel and Saudi Arabia have killed Americans ------with no consequences. Iran was the ME’s only democracy----and America took that down and inserted a shah. Sometimes Eisenhower was really an idiot.Sadly his idiocy still injures the people of Iran.
Historically, Iran ( aka Persia) was the world’s first super power. They know that position can bring fortunes, but it cannot give the people freedom. Iran learned that long ago-----but —sigh—, it’s taking the United States years —and they haven’t learned that lesson yet.Maybe the leaders can play the , Top of the Heap, game—but it’s murder on the citizens. : (

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I have much respect for Juan Cole! I have followed the mismanagement of US policy in Persia since our encouragement of the overthrow of the democratically elected Mosaddegh. I’m not a scholar or expert, only an admirer of what Iran once was and might be again, if we didn’t mismanage our relations with them every step of the way. Our latest cruel withholding of assistance during this pandemic should produce condemnation from the UN, as a symbolic gesture, if nothing else.

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i trutlegirl:
I am still amazed that the US took down Mosaddegh in Iran …a curious kind of history since it was the only democracy in the ME. Perhaps, AMERICA, it was this stupidity which along with the Bush and Chaney debacle later on which turned the ME into the cesspool that it has become for the people of the ME. I have asked my friends who are Christian, why it was an important road for Paul in the history of Christianity—and why they seem o.k. with bowing that road in Syria up?
OIL seems to be the reason in attacking—even as it was a democratic Iran—but why didn’t the US see the same need to take down Saudi Arabia then? Why disable a democracy? That entire history is very odd. : (