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How War Propaganda Keeps on Killing

How War Propaganda Keeps on Killing

Robert Parry

A key reason why American foreign debacles have been particularly destructive mostly to the countries attacked but also to the United States is that these interventions are always accompanied by major U.S. government investments in propaganda. So, even when officials recognize a misjudgment has been made, the propaganda machinery continues to grind on to prevent a timely reversal.

In effect, Official Washington gets trapped by its own propaganda, which restricts the government’s ability to change direction even when the need for a shift becomes obvious.


When the ruling crass decide who is our enemy du jour in this most lucrative business of war and the MSM bombards us with their pro-war propaganda, good patriotic Americans answer the call. The RC realizes that you can’t fool all the people all the time, that the Internet is taking over the news and that they must take over the Internet for oligarchy to continue. The battles for men’s minds is fought online.

Direct Democracy


I’m listening right now to the media frothing about how Putin hacked the emails of Podesta, therefor throwing the election to Trump. It never ends. :confused:


Has Russia actually ever been the enemy?. It seems that through history they have been as much invaded as having invaded, generally backwards and forwards between the boundaries of Ukraine and Germany, though of course the Mongols gave them strife as well. Yes, I know that in 1839 the Russian Bear was all set to pounce on India and steal her from the paws of the British Lion…

Would be great if we had Public AirWaves, once again, to convey us Truth.


We should have a tv licensing fee which everyone owning a tv pays, as the UK does, to provide the people with public radio and tv completely free from governmental interference.

And/or a heavy tax on commercial broadcasters who now use the peoples’ airwaves without charge.

Broadcasting supported at all by government can never be depended upon to tell the truth - e.g. NPR/PBS.


Besides big $ for the MIC, the Ruskies and China are a threat to the billionaires and their powerful business interests because of the new silk road and the BRICS investment and infrastructure banks and new Asian trade alliances. So we’re all gonna die.

If there is anyone left in the U.S. who does not know that ‘enemies’ have been created by the MIC/MSM for profit, i pity them. When one realizes that an F-16 uses more fuel in and hour than we use in our cars for months can begin to comprehend the obscene waste of tax dollars. The center of corruption is the Pentagon and all the security branches of govt…