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How War Targets the Young

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/19/how-war-targets-young

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I too, was one of those scared children in the classroom, when on 11/22/63, JFK was murdered on live TV.

How in God’s name will we ever learn how to protect our children, when 95% of us support the expansion of Empire by supporting the two political parties corrupted by the Military Industrial Complex?

Like Zombies looking for brains to eat cause we ourselves lack sufficient intelligence to see the correlation, we never change.

Yet we go on, bringing more children to this broken world of ours.

Perhaps just to keep us company while we wait for the end.

Perhaps just to teach them the same mistakes we made.



War is a death spiral going down into darkness ,only light can bring humanity home.

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A Vietnam vets perspective on the State of the Nation called the United States of America.

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The civil need to get organised as the organised are uncivil.


Ain’t gonna study war no more …


Hi PonyBoy:

Ending wars---------maybe we have gone about giving the out the military money all wrong. Each general or whoever will admit to being on charge-------that person decides how the war will be fought and for how long. If the General goes over budget, he gets to pay the money back out of his own pocket.Wrs would be so much shorter when INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY is attached to the money.

And too , any president, like GW Bush, who was in the Texas Air National Guard----and then decided not to do that anymore and just walked away--------- with no apparent consequences—that person would have to do jail time—or maybe even better, do actual field work in an actual war to make up for failure to appear in the Texas Air National Guard.—that seems fair. Or maybe—even better—as in the days of yore-----------any president that declares war gets to go to war-----I bet wars would be a lot shorter. : )

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Thanks for attaching this article Suspira.


Regarding what the generals think, WaPo has a quote from one of our current generals,
I think the guy should have stopped a bit short of the whole mouthful, and just said, “I don’t think.”

Hi helen: so he says ," no one has died in vain. " Maybe there’s a city in Afghanistan named vain--------but after 18 years of America disrupting this nation, imploding what was once a decent place for the citizens --------America has both stolen a people’s culture and future–and honestly, I think that anyone who died in Afghanistan both Afghan citizens and American soldiers-------have died in vain. YES, he should have stopped at, “I don’t think.”
No wonder other nations are removing their gold from America. Of course, England has Venezuela’s gold and won’t give it back------so let us not forget the thieves of"Jolly old England either. : (

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All those involved in war are trained not to think things through. And a lot of those in government and business, too.

Hi helen----sigh, I think you are probably correct. Maybe—when an war us declared, ALL elected officials have to go first, along with the president. I think that would make all war decisions a lot more thoughtful------when the electeds own ase was on the line. Probably make for a much shorter war too.
Or—hmmm,-------maybe have the best hand to hand fighter in each warring nation—have a hand to hand combat—and the winning fighter of the nation which he or she represents would win the decision. If America wants to decide things with brute force, it would be a better spent expense than 18 years in Afghanistan and all the dead soldiers, and civilians. Imagine what the People could receive with that 700 billion plus dollars that the military gets—! ; )

Remember the old cowboy shows where you didn’t shoot a man in the back? Or the old battles where the leader was man on the front line?

Over. We can fight electronically, connecting to local electrical circuits. The perpetrator is nowhere in sight. Or use any number of other hi-tech gotchas. Sabotage is the new war.

Hi helen, yes in the cowboy days of cold there did seem to be more honor, even among the thieves. : )