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How Wars, Sanctions, and Militarism Made the Coronavirus Crisis Worse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/13/how-wars-sanctions-and-militarism-made-coronavirus-crisis-worse

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If not for widespread US nationalism that has enabled Trump and the GOP to juice their already out of control propaganda machine, the pandemic would have been contained a couple of months ago.


You can look at each aspect of the “woefully under prepared” system and find exact correlation to privatization which differs from democratically socialized premises which do not feed a profit motive through externalization (denial) of costs. People tend to look at socialized anything and have the assiduously marketed (and by whom?) demonization that deverts attention from increasingly obvious criminal manipulation. Why? Because when the SOCIUS/SOCIETY rather than profit constitutes the directives, you have THE INTEGRITY OF SCIENCE rather than profit driving motivation.

Never forget: The more the societal interests rather than private profit are demonized, the more 'socialism" is clawed away from all of for those in “the one percent”.

The old saying that when you point a finger, four others are pointing back at you, is a pretty good metric these days.


Stop the sanctions that hurt people immediately…people all over the world are sick to the death of America’s sanctimonious belief it can dictate how other people run their countries…and get cheap regime change by starving people.

It’s criminal behavior and has to stop…


It won’t be pretty at all. But the wars abroad and weaponized c-virus like virulence may just be the death of this neo-liberal order of capitalism here because the pandemic has created inroads here at home as systems fail in cascading effects precipitating a massive collapse of the system of first order. It’s very obvious the neocon leadership hasn’t let a good viral infection go to waste against enemies like Venezuela, Yemen, and Iran to name a few. What will they do when the war, in the form of decimated US populations, come home for good? I say good riddance if this can occur for good. As stated before, it won;t be pretty.

US sanctions have killed many people in other lands and severely damaged their economies. However such sanctions are destroying American soft power everywhere. Every time the US uses its financial linchpin status to harm another nation, it is warning and worrying every other country, whose leaders are imagining what could happen to them if they anger the almighty empire. Many of those leaders are now taking steps to prevent that kind of American power from having the same influence on their nations (no longer using the US dollar as the World’s reserve currency)…


quite right to point out the US cruel sanctions policies and hw they kill people as does our support for wars, weapons spending, and military actions. I can only point out that other countries too, on much lower scale, are playing that game, notably Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Iran, UK, France, Lebanon all interfering in Syria, all the warring factions in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq, Israel and Palestine refusing to compromise, lower level insurgencies in southeast Asia… We need a worldwide peace movement that calls on ALL warring parties to stop

As Terry Malloy said to Johnny Friendly, …" take away your guns and your muscle and you ain’t nothin" …The USA without weapons and war is just a greedy country that exploits workers at every turn. Putting Debs in prison for objecting to war should have been a sign. Blowing off the president’s head was a warning. Don’t ---- with our MIC.

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Trump is responsible for almost all the bad things going on in the US & world; but his blocking of immigrants coming thru Mexico is justified - the wall is not! Those immigrants expect to be taken care of have not paid US taxes, and are not entitled to any benefits and should return to their own country and fix things there.