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How We Beat Trump’s Dirty Power Play


How We Beat Trump’s Dirty Power Play

Ben Ishibashi

It is an attack on the very existence of U.S. climate policy, and any notion that we put people’s lives before the profit margins of big fossil fuel companies.

We need massive, ambitious climate action and a just transition away from polluting industry. The comment period for a replacement to the CPP offers an opportunity for working class people and people of color to put forward OUR visions for what U.S. climate policy needs to be and build power together to make those visions a reality.


Thank you Ben Ishibashi - this old goat revels with each instance of youthful wisdom keeping the tough start to a REAL agenda clear.

If the abusive predatory industrialists are not yet shitting their drawers, they won’t have to wait very long before the exponential factors kick in and they REALLY begin face what can no longer be shunted aside. I would wager a guess that at this point, because they have no REALLY inclusive model that can guarantee the miserly predation model, we’re looking at a level of egregious sociopathology being adopted by CHOICE.
As long as folks are aware that we have to engage reconstruction simultaneously from the local and regional/national/international levels the human capacity to envision CAN embrace - in a healthy, creative ways - buildable alternatives to whatever these pathetic effete excuses for business leadership “think” they are doing.


Pressure, unrelenting pressure on your Senators and Representative at the national AND local level has to be a first priority. Then tell your buds in person and on social media because your lives depend on it, spread the word that the president and his criminal organization have declared war on our right to clean air and environment while fattening their wallets at the expense of Earth and her children. They have no plan, a plan that they’ve had 60+ years to initiate and yet nothing other than some woefully inadequate regulations that have too been little and too late to really help over all. And now we have the most destructive force running things. It’s time to do what needs to be done, really before it’s too late.


Most directly, keep an eye on regulations.gov, and when they actually publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)
the 60-day public-comment period opens. This is what Ishibashi is talking about. This is where our voices get raised. And then you demand that your legislators read the proposed rules and get an accounting of the comments.