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How We Can Save $17 Billion in Public Assistance—Annually

How We Can Save $17 Billion in Public Assistance—Annually

David Cooper

Note to conservatives: Want to know the best way to find savings in government assistance programs? Here’s a hint—it’s not by cutting nutrition assistance to working people who are struggling.

It’s by paying them fairly for their labor.

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Trump has mocked the minimum wage and threatened to cut it! And yet he still has followers! That’s about as hilarious as Scott Walker managing to win his state’s election while attacking unions.

Some people have been conditioned (team sports/brand name/loyalty style) to vote against their own best interests.

But then there’s Bernie Sanders arguing passionately FOR a higher wage.

What’s particularly galling is that billionaire punks who probably have people wiping their asses since birth use their embarrassment of riches to fund think tanks that come up with sexed up Talking Points designed to curry favor for a CUT to the minimum wage.

Also missing from the article is the fact that a majority of the lowest-paying jobs go to women, and lots of those women are single mothers.

The difference of a few dollars an hour would make a vast difference in the lives and options of all those children who otherwise will carry the scars of their families’ struggles into adulthood.

In addition to a minimum wage, there should be a legally enforced MAXIMUM wage!

As Chief Justice Brandeis sagaciously related decades ago, “You can have extreme concentrations of wealth, or Democracy… but not both.”

The extreme concentrations of wealth–which has become a global nemesis–indeed is placing functional Democracy at risk.

Mr. Sanders is right about a Voters’ revolution.

The question is: Will the elites who have won so many of their objectives in recent decades scale back on the fruit of their greed? Or will they double-down?

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“How we can save $17” TRILLION ? Break up the too-big-to-fail banks.

Bill Clinton’s “ending welfare as we know it” coincided with his financial industry decriminalization (euphemistically labeled “deregulation” by the corporations, politicians and media) that resulted in the biggest corporate welfare programs ever. According to the US General Accounting Office’s (GAO) report GAO-11-696, page 131, Congress had, by June 2011, put US taxpayers on the hook for nearly $17 TRILLION in various bailout schemes for the too-big-to-fail banks. Since 2011, additional trillions had been committed, and as Neil Kashkari pointed out yesterday, the next crash will require even larger bailouts because those banks controlled 25% of US bank assets in 2008 and will control 50% of US bank assets by the time Obama’ term ends next January. The risk to taxpayers will have doubled in the 8 years since the 2008 crash.

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Thank you for embellishing my point with pertinent information.

What mortifies me is that the Koch Brothers are using their billions to fund campaigns aimed at GUTTING the minimum wage. These people are not human!