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How We Got Here: The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos


How We Got Here: The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos

Danny Sjursen

The United States has already lost -- its war for the Middle East, that is. Having taken my own crack at combat soldiering in both Iraq and Afghanistan, that couldn’t be clearer to me. Unfortunately, it’s evidently still not clear in Washington. Bush’s neo-imperial triumphalism failed. Obama’s quiet shift to drones, Special Forces, and clandestine executive actions didn’t turn the tide either.


Major Sjursen is a very level-headed military man. Too bad persons like him are not allowed at the top chain of command.


Thank you for a very brave assessment of the history of our meddling in the middle east and the wrongheaded thinking of our military leaders and politicians. It is encouraging to see a major in the military state it so succinctly.

I guess it is not just a man thing as Hillary was anxious to be tough with these nations??

You did not mention the profit motive of war which has a wide streak throughout the military industrial complex and paydays for politicians and generals and majors. What would happen to these industries if we did not bomb the heck out of people of the world and there were no kick backs to all?


I appreciate Sjursen's effort to re-examine the situation in the Middle East and its so-called "War on Terror". I'd suggest adding some additional background history to the analysis. In 1791 Thomas Paine complained about war profiteers, and they are still with us. Consideration of this factor in today's Middle East is briefly described and documented in "War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror" at


Good analysis of the US stupidity in ME foreign policies over the recent years.
But, on word absent from the essay: Israel.
The history of the Zionist theft of Palestine goes back now more than 100 years and is a basic impetus of the question that is asked incessantly: "Why do they hate us?"
Until that question is settled in the context of the Israeli State and its historical existence, nothing more will follow except more violence in the ME.
Oil, yes. Israel and its continuing violence against the Palestinian people to sustain its own existence contribute mightily to this mess.