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How We Reach Critical Mass to Stop Climate Chaos


How We Reach Critical Mass to Stop Climate Chaos

Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.

This upcoming weekend at the University of the District of Columbia Law School, Bill McKibben, Dr. Michael Dorsey, Lester Brown, Professor Mark Jacobson, Mustafa Ali from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Professor Phillip Harvey, Barbara Arnwine, Rev. Rodney Sadler, Jay Nightwolf, Krystal Williams, Joe Uehlein, Ted Glick, Chuck Rocha, Professor Joel Rogers, Nikisha Glover, Mike Ewall, Jeffrey Wolfe, Joel Segal, State Sen.


This conference sounds tremendous. Reverend Yearwood is demonstrating the leadership that the climate justice movement needs at this critical juncture. President Obama and others are calling climate change the greatest threat to our generation and future generations, and yet our elected officials are not acting like it. In fact, Republicans in Congress are climate deniers for the most part. This is outrageous. We need elected officials who understand the threat and will take steps to stop it and promote a stronger and more just America at the same time. America is on the decline. We need to reverse this trend and rebuild America through green jobs and save the planet at the same time.


It would take more than an inclusive conscious awareness to stave off the ecological catastrophe that human overpopulation and the planet spanning reach of industrial technology have set in motion. An agreed upon plan would be, at minimum, necessary, and agreeing upon anything may be beyond the human capacity, particularly under increasingly worsening crisis conditions. Recently I watched a TV documentary that used computer generated imagery to depict how global all pervasive and interdependent our high tech world is. Electricity is the technology that underpins everything, and if that were to fail the term “Dark Age” could a have a new literal meaning and would be likely to set in motion an earth spanning die off that might – or might not – lead to evolution starting over.

For the record, I hereby challenge humankind to prove me wrong and demonstrate that it has the wherewithal to turn things around.


In answer to the article… Now, that is what I"m talkin’ about.!!1

and to your comment… I know you are right…and I have no time to go into this now… I’ll be back …


If the food served at this conference is the bodies of slaughtered animals, it’s just a conference of hypocrites.


Are you a vegetarian? If not, your outrage is outrageous.


Thank you! Have been arguing for some time that one of the, if not the, biggest challenges for the left is to break out of the box of “identity politics” that splinters us and is a fulcrum the duopoly uses to pit us against each other …

This means a number of things, among which are, IMO, a real need for lefties to make peace with “communities of faith” - which have long demonstrated the ability to inspire their members to “move mountains” - and still are powerful forces … The Right gets it - and reinforces the negative aspects of religion - but the social justice teachings, which have long been a part of religious tradition, have been relatively untapped by the Left - a big mistake, IMO …

I do propose a uniting banner - “All Lives Matter”!