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How Women Are Leading the Sudanese Revolution

How Women Are Leading the Sudanese Revolution

Romy Haber

Since December 2018, protests in Sudan that sparked over the tripled price of bread have turned into nationwide protests against the nearly three-decade rule regime of Omar Al Bashir.


This is staggering. It makes my stomach sick and sour. And puts the pussy hats to shame.

The great tragedy is that under the auspices of this thing called “Religion” the subjugation of women has been going on for thousands of years the world over. Any rational person would conclude that flogging a woman for flouting the word of some GOD up in the sky is the action of an irrational and mentally unstable person.

The fuel is hatred , the very opposite of what is needed in this world.

There was a time in christian nations when women were treated the same.
Salem witch trials anyone? Up until how recently were women expected to wear bonnets? And how long have men been saying “a woman’s place is in the home”? No, christian nations have no room to look down on anyone.