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How Workers Can Help Defeat a Trump Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/23/how-workers-can-help-defeat-trump-coup

sigh—if Trump wins—it will be by cheating and lying. I suppose he will dump Pence after the election and put in Ivanka----- but by then— the Deep State will decide that trump is too much of a loon. Maybe Air Force One will crash----or hey, maybe an “asteroid,” hits the White House.

But no matter the NRA will make sure that everyone has a gun—and so----a lot of scores might be settled but America is still stuck in an impossible situation—again. : (
Although----if Trump is trying to fire the entire civil service and hire his supporters to replace them----then we will have just what we have now----the White House becomes the Loon House— and it crashes faster than Rome did.

Maybe Trump has not figured out that without farm workers, and all the low wages people found in service jobs----and if minimum wage doesn’t move to a livable level------ and Amazon workers can’t survive—wow what a mess when the nation comes to a standstill.

Maybe it will take FOOD not being accessed by the Congressional dining rooms before Congress notices that there are a lot of problems still to solve! There is that old saying that an army moves on its stomach------but wow----if citizens don’t have food–this nation’s workers will just sit down and let reality sink into the amazed and useless government!

There is no “likely” or “may be willing” about it.   Tweetle-Dumb has already declared his intent in no uncertain terms, and began months ago to take concrete steps to sabotage the election — the appointment of Louis DeJoy to destroy the U.S. Post Office being only the most obvious of several actions undertaken by the POTUS (Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit) and his minions.

It’s pretty much a certainty that the MAGA-Morons, after they have disrupted the elections themselves – including
the vote count – to the greatest extent possible, will turn their attention to disrupting society in general, and one of
the easiest ways to do this is to disrupt the nation’s food supply. One thing that we ordinary citizens can do to pro-
tect ourselves is to lay in a several-weeks stash of non-perishable food and the means to prepare it — such as a camping stove with a good supply of gas.  Do NOT count on frozen food, as one of the first things that they will do
to sow chaos will be to crash the electric grid.  Just imagine how easy it will be for truckers to re-supply your local grocery store from the regional warehouse in a far-off big city when all the traffic lights are dark . . .

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