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How World War III Could Start


How World War III Could Start

Jonathan Marshall

If humanity ever suffers a Third World War, chances are good it will start in some locale distant from the United States like the Baltic or South China Seas, the Persian Gulf, or Syria, where Washington and its rivals play daily games of “chicken” with lethal air and naval forces.


Excellent analysis, Mr. Marshall.

Although "there IS plenty of blame to go around", following the money trail always confirms that the military industrial media complex (MIMIC) is the kingpin, ever vigilant to maintain and enhance their revenue.


"we should seriously ask whether our military really serves U.S. security interests by provoking new opportunities for deadly confrontations almost daily."

Our military serves U.S. military/industrial interests, not ours. See Marine Four Star General Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket":


The US is like a bully on the playground who climbs up a tree sticking his tongue out and going "nah nah nah-nah-nah I'm way up heeeere. You can't get meeeee.....!" And then suddenly a kid finds a way to drop a water balloon on the bully from above somewhere. That's what is inevitable. With the growing sophistication of weapons from space, the US won't be able to sing that little song anymore when it keeps taunting other nations without fear -- especially now that it has started to pick on the big guys.


Since it's likely Clinton will be crowned I'm very much worried this article could be prophetic. Her hubris abounds and she has an itchy trigger finger. Not good, really not good.


The USA is threatened by no nation. Simple. So what that Russia has nuclear missiles? So does the USA. Russia would see the USA as an existing threat on is traditional borders, irrespective of whatever existentialism might have to do with it.


In an incident off Iran US spy planes approached Iranian Airspace. Iran warned them they wer closing on said Air space. The US spy plane went closer and by the words of the US officer in charge "this was to test to see how Iran would react' Iran scrambled fighters. Iran then informed the US plane that if it intruded on Iranian airspace it would be shot down.

The US claimed this was un-professional and a provocation.

Now to that so supposedly professional US Military. They bomb wedding parties. They shoot down passenger aircraft. They bomb Hospitals. they drop supplies to ISIS multiple times over. They "mistakenly" bomb Syrian Military positions they claim attacks on their units that never happened , they claimed Iraq had WMDS and was a threat to the USA.

Real "professionals"..

They are the most out of control and reckless Military this Earth has known for centuries.


Mr. Marshall, you have missed the big picture; the World War lll has started and we have already been defeated, only most of us don't know it yet.

Within the next twenty years, by our own contrivance, global genocide will be in full swing. Twenty years ago, had we collaborated on changing our energy policies, we could have survived. Most of us believed that our leaders would take action to prevent the extirmination of our species, but they pretended that it wasn't that urgent, the consequences weren't that dire, that a new technology could save the day; a few million here and there by the fossil fuel industry helped to reinforce the facade. After all, the next quarter always takes precedence over the next quarter century; ask any CEO.

The next World War is inevitable, so enjoy the time remaining, and try not to hate too much when the temperature is too hot to sustain ample food growth. Hey! Maybe there's a reason why zombie movies are so popular. A taste of things to come, so to speak.


I believe her about the no-fly zone. And between that and her making the white house into a no-clue zone, war is likely.
The woman's a menace in ways that her supporters will come to regret, even with the media spin they're submerged in.

My hope is that Russia's been planning for this eventuality for some time, so hopefully they have a solid "Clinton Mitigation Plan" in place that can reasonably preserve their interests while avoiding the hellhound's determination to begin an apocalypse.


" My hope is Russia has been planning for this for some time."

Sounds like you have never read Putin's Black Swan exercises.


Overpopulation = Resource Depletion = WW3. War appears to be the only way to control population. Family planning and voluntary resource conservation have failed. I don't think WW3 can be considered underway until massive violent depopulation begins. Automation and information technology is creating a huge disposable surplus of workers who can be eliminated. Class, racial and religious conflicts will be used as excuses for depopulation. Southern Asia is particularly at risk, with many highly-populated nations that could be targeted by outside agitators. For example, nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan might be provoked, resulting in hundreds of millions of casualties. We've known about the "population bomb" for over 200 years and have done almost nothing, because capitalism relies on continual growth.


Well then we need to figure out how we can stop Clinton from instigating such a no-fly zone, in the likely scenario that she will become president. We can't just sit by and accept that this warmonger is going to have the last laugh by setting off an apocalypse.


You may have missed the point: WW3 isn't nation against nation. We have already killed our species by precipitating climate change, beyond any controls. This war will terminate all life on this planet. First, seed crops will be unable to survive, then animal life, finally humans.

A contemporary perspective on the classic cartoon:


But, then its not a war, which is by definition a conflict between parties. Not unless you want to call the climate change phenomenon the result of class war; that which no one may name, because its true and we don't want to admit the truth.


i'm sort of referring to geopolitical preparation here...:slight_smile:


i agree. but we need to be realistic here. the trick to stopping the no-fly zone was to stop her. We failed in that, and there's little we can do about it. Our best non-violent consolation option was to do our level best to get a doggone progressive competitor to the Democrats, forcing them to decide once and for all who their party is going to serve. We needed 5 lousy percent to get Greens matching funds. And we had more than enough Sandernistas to get this done.
And we're failing even that paltry goal. The Democrats have been successful scaring the bejeesus out of most Sanders supporters.
You know Hilldawg doesn't listen to literally anyone who disagrees with her. Ever. If she gets in, this will happen. But if we can survive 4 years of her garbage, we at least might be able to get her removed mid term by using Greens as leverage.
Barring either of these, I don't know what to say. This is a fate the Democratic rank and file have chosen for all of us. And I blame them for this.


The democratic rank and file, really?


My understanding is that Russia has moved military armaments into place on their border, near Syria and in strategic places, just in case. Iran has mines and ships in place as well. Of course their movement is being called aggressive by the US but it is the US behaving aggressively, as in the coup in Ukraine, which the US started and then blamed on Russia.


War on poverty, war on drugs, etc. we humans, because our behavior resembles bacteria, love to make war on any- and everything. Therein lies the paradox, because we have essentially made war on our biosphere.

Silly humans.


I'm sorry but which wars has she started?